Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: Social media is my distraction.

As if I need more distractions, I find that having Facebook and Twitter open on my computer turns what should only takes a few minutes into an hour.  I begin writing then oh wait, I thought of a funny status.  Oh my friend just got a new puppy, like.   I have a new follower on Twitter, hold on I have to follow back.

I try so hard to focus on pushing my posts out but then of course someone engages me in a Facebook chat and I cannot ignore it.  Even now, I see the notifications piling up.  My mind wanders what could they be?  Has someone liked my status?  Have they commented? Oh look that picture is hilarious.  Oops, sorry, I got distracted again.

I need to try minimizing my browser when it is time to write.  Ignorance is bliss, right?   So if I cannot see the updates, they have not happened.  Though in the back of my brain I will be thinking about it, my click finger will get itchy and I will relent, just this once.

This time it is a new friend request, who is this person. It is time for me to spy their pictures and look at their statuses.  Are they funny or emo?  This is big deal, because if you post too many sad statuses I might hide your posts from my wall.

Maybe I am too obsessed with social media, but as a comedian I require it for promotion.  I need to be a presence because I need to grab your attention.  It is the only way I have right now until I can afford a manager.  Until then I will just pretend that because I spend so much time on my posts it just means I am putting a lot of thought and effort into it.

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