Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: Something Called Snooki Had a Baby.

It is almost a certainty that the world is soon to end.  It began on Sunday morning with the much heralded words “Snooki gave birth”, ugh… I wish I could make the old “what the heck is a snooki “ joke but I unfortunately know who she is.  She is one of the “stars” of the “reality” show on “M”tv “The Jersey Shore”.

I had no idea she was pregnant, was she?  I mean maybe this is the same gestation that baby on a sitcom has where one week is the conception then miraculously  a couple of weeks later the new baby is born, and healthy to boot.

Word has it that some of the birth will be covered on her new show with J-Woww.  I do not expect anyone to know who I am talking about or care.  I do not care much myself, I am more amazed that this constitutes as news nowadays.  I mean it is not like there is an impending tropical storm or election this year.  No no, let us all wait for our first glimpse at baby Lorenzo, this kid is born with a gaudy silver plated plastic spork in his mouth.

If I am coming off as cynical, that is totally intended.  The “Jersey Shore” folks are like a rash, the more you scratch the longer it lasts.  If we just ignore them they will disappear and end up super sizing our fast food meals.  In the meantime I am going to guess the baby shower was the first shower Snooki has ever been a part of.

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