Transitioning to Vibram running shoes II

Transitioning to Vibram running shoes II

Part II of my series: Transitioning to Vibram running shoes

Yesterday I went for a second run in the Vibrams. (My mileage is waaay down this week due to a bout with a head-cold, which I usually run through, but this one made me not only congested but lazy, too.) Basically I did the same thing as last time, ran for 3.75 miles in my regular running shoes, then put on the Vibrams for a final .4 miles, an increase of .1 from the first time.

Again, I really feel like it’s impossible to over-stride in the Vibrams. My usual step-count is around 165/minute. I know the “ideal” step count is 180/minute. I’m gonna get a step count in the Vibrams next time, I promise. (By the time I remembered it would be a good idea yesterday, my short run was almost over. I did try a couple of times, but because of the heat (and maybe blondness) I couldn’t get a count accurate enough to feel comfortable posting it here—but I’m pretty sure it’s faster!

Each day after both runs in the Vibrams, my upper calves got stiff after sitting for a while, but that went away by the evening. Each morning the day following the runs, my foot muscles felt more stiff than usual, like how they feel the morning after a long run, but after walking around for a few minutes, the stiffness resolved. And as a side note, no blisters anywhere, but the cuticle on the outside of my right big toe was sore yesterday (and that’s probably more information about A City Mom than you ever wanted to know).

Just a note about the pair I chose and shopping for them. I tried on about six different pairs at the store. As I said, the saleswoman at Uncle Dan’s was very knowledgeable and helpful (and patient!). It did take a while to get them on and they have several different styles to choose from and, just like buying running shoes, you can’t buy them based on how they look. It has to be based on how they feel on your foot. My black pair—no laces, no Velcro— felt the closest to wearing nothing at all. (Oh, and as a side-note, if you’re a barefoot running purist with a “Vibram” Google alert and an agenda of self-promotion for your own blog, BE NICE. Antagonizing and snarky comments are not appreciated and may get you blocked. Besides, it flat out doesn’t make sense to be rude to someone you’re trying to convert to your point of view, now does it?) I was concerned initially because my right foot didn’t feel as good in the Vibram as my left foot did (my left foot is the bigger one—again probably more information about A City Mom than you ever wanted to know) but it hasn’t been a problem at all, at least not in the last two runs.

I’ll try to get a step count next run—maybe one of these days I’ll even talk the husband or a kid into taking some video of my stride in both pairs of shoes, although I’ve always been afraid to do this, thinking I might be one of those people who has one of those crazy forms that everyone else makes fun of. (If I do, this might end up being a series of only two blogs!! ) But at least my running partner, my dog is happy about my transition training. It was too hot for me to bring her along for 3.75 miles, but she did come along for the .4!


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