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Please shut it. Since when is mouth-breathing sexy?

If you’ve read Girl with a Pearl Earring or only just saw the movie (guilty!), then maybe you, like me, were stunned to find out that back in the 17th century, a painting of a woman with her mouth hanging open was basically porn. I know! Now, here in the 21st century, I’ve noticed a... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: My Brush with Sam Kinison

By Rick Kaempfer I was watching one of his classic routines on YouTube this morning and saw the date of his death. Sam Kinison died exactly twenty years ago this month. It’s a day I’ll always remember; not just because he was my favorite comedian of all-time. In my previous life as a radio producer,... Read more »

"Chicago" How do you say it?

I say “Chic-aw-go.” (with a soft aw) Do you say “Chic-ah-go?” (with a loud honking ah?) I’m asking because over the weekend we watched the movie Fracture (four out of five stars!) and a character in the movie said, “Chic-ah-go” and it sounded so wrong that I noticed it and it got me to thinking.... Read more »

Two Cubs tickets for a family of five? Perfect!

Two Cubs tickets for a family of five? Perfect!
About three years ago, our family finally got season tickets to the Cubs. (And to think, you thought the reason the team’s been struggling so much didn’t have anything to do with Murphy’s Law and the Stricklands.) After years of yearning for some season seats, when the opportunity finally arose we almost turned it down.... Read more »

Can A City Mom admit a love of country music?

Can A City Mom admit a love of country music?
My 13-year-old daughter is absolutely enamored with country music thanks to one of her new friends at school. US 99 plays in the kitchen, in her bedroom. All the time. We went from Lil Wayne to Jimmy Wayne, from Drake to Jake Owen, seemingly overnight. She used to love rap and hip-hop, now it’s all... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: My Buddy's Incredible Streak of Bad Luck

By Rick Kaempfer My buddy Dave has three young daughters under the age of 10. His wife travels quite a bit for work, so Dave actually watches them most of the time. During the rare moments when he gets to run errands on days his wife is at home, he has run into an incredible... Read more »

Publishers Weekly seems to relish scathing reviews of self-published books

Publishers Weekly is a venue for book reviews, and for books published primarily by traditional publishers. Yet, when they found a way to capitalize on the self-publishing craze, I can’t help but think the poison at the end of their pen in the predominantly negative reviews has more to do with self-preservation than any real... Read more »

“My mom was the pilot on my flight."

When my kids went back to school earlier this week they had quite a story to tell. As their teachers went through the usual drill, “What did you do over your Spring vacation?” they could report they’d come with me on one of my trips: to Munich, Germany. I know! Lucky kids. But the story... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Don't Call Me on April 27, May 2, or May 18

By Rick Kaempfer This is the crazy season in our household. Our youngest son Sean is playing both travel soccer and baseball this spring, our oldest boy Tommy is on the high school math team (preparing to go downstate to compete) and volunteers at a local soup kitchen, and our middle son Johnny is in... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: My Brush with Cubs Greatness

By Rick Kaempfer Tomorrow is Opening Day, and once again, hope springs eternal for Cubs fans. Right? To be totally honest, no it doesn’t. At least not this year. But I won’t rule out the possibility that I get sucked in again. It’s happened so many times in my Cubs-diseased life, I would be a... Read more »