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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Snotty Police

By Rick Kaempfer I absolutely loved Kim’s City Mom post this week about the uppity writing instructor. It was satisfying to see her get back at the teacher because he committed my favorite unpardonable sin: Unnecessary Snottiness. I’ve been fighting back against this my whole life; it’s a hobby of mine. Lest you think I’m... Read more »

How do I tell Anne Tyler she sucks?

I’m afraid I did a bad thing. I passed off some of Anne Tyler’s writing as my own. But I was curious and figured, what the heck? Everybody else is doing it. I hear plagiarism is really trendy these days. Okay, seriously now, here’s how it went down: Recently, I took a writing class to... Read more »

A broken chair a small price to pay for trip down memory lane

“Do you want us to sit on your lap now?” This morning Ethan asked me this when he and Kyle had finished their Honey Nut Cheerios and I went all soft and teary-eyed, because I’d forgotten that was our after-breakfast routine for years. One boy on each knee for a hug and a cuddle before... Read more »

My sons are just an upscale accoutrement

How do I explain to my sons, identical twins, that, according to Slate, they’re nothing more than an “upscale accoutrement”? No wait, I think a better take on this would be to ask my husband why my life isn’t more “upscale”!   Thank you for reading A City Mom! Follow me on Twitter @acitymom and/or... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Ode to a Handshake

By Rick Kaempfer As I get older, I’m getting less and less comfortable in social situations. It’s not the small talk that gets to me, it’s the greetings. You see, I was brought up by Germans. Germans have one standard greeting that works in all situations. It’s called a handshake. It’s nothing fancy. I extend... Read more »

Airline Pilot #1 Most Stressful Job in America

No kidding. Being under so much pressure could be the reason I didn’t hear about this study until now. But actually, I think it’s results from non-scientific studies that stress me out the most.   Thank you for reading A City Mom! Follow me on Twitter @acitymom and/or Like me on Facebook here.

Life Mirrors Comedy Routine

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Mirroring someone’s behavior is an important technique often employed by sales people, so I’ve learned. But the other day I was in a meeting with a woman whom I’d just met and she was trying to sell me a service. And she was mirroring me. Badly. I’m guessing when a good salesperson does this, it’s... Read more »

Amish Encounters of the Third Kind

A friend of mine told me a story at work the other day and it was so compelling, I asked if he’d mind writing it down for my blog. And he did. An Amish Encounter By Michael Overbeek A year ago, a photographer friend of mine, Ken, invited me to join him on a trip... Read more »

Chicago Wiener Wars

Chicago Wiener Wars
The wiener wars are being held in Chicago. As if we needed anything more to be proud of in our great city. And no, I’m not talking about the age-old battle of what defines a Chicago dog, you know catsup vs. no catsup (and let’s just get this on the record, if you say catsup,... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Cold War Intrigue

By Rick Kaempfer Today is the 50th anniversary of the East Germans completing the Berlin Wall. I grew up in Germany during the Cold War years, and I have my own story of Cold War intrigue. This seems like a good day to share it. The year was 1980. A sixteen-year-old boy is attending his... Read more »