The Cubs Calendar

“If it isn’t on The Kitchen Calendar, then it isn’t happening in my

I say this often and for better or worse, my family knows it’s
true. If they don’t tell me, and then sometimes stand there to
physically watch me write it down on THE calendar on the fridge, the
chances of “it” actually coming to pass are slim to none. And it doesn’t
matter what “it” is: a track team celebration pizza party, their best
friend’s birthday party, a school concert or their graduation ceremony.
If it’s not on THE calendar, then chances are, it will get lost in the
detritus of my mental home-life-work juggling act, never to be heard
from or about again.

ryan theriot1.jpg

So what surprises me these days, is what has been showing up on our calendar. We have a 2011 Cubs season calendar, featuring some of our favorite Cubs players, like Mike Fontenot (February) and Ryan Theriot (March).  I know!  I guess you have to figure they’re forced to prepare these calendars way ahead of time, but still. They traded Theriot a year ago in July and they traded Fontenot last August!  I’m surprised the kids haven’t picked up on this thin thread of irony: if our hallowed calendar says Carlos Silva is going to be pitching this August, then why the heck can’t we go to the track team pizza party today?

I’ve often thought it would be magnificent if someone were to write, Spa day for Mom, on some random Tuesday. And then, as if by magic, when that Tuesday rolled around I’d be picked up by a limo at nine a.m. and swept away for a day of pampering. However, around here, I know it’s more likely for someone to write, Bring old dead batteries to Walgreens for recycling.  Sigh.

The  2011 Cubs Season Calendar on the fridge happens to feature Marlon Byrd for July. Who knows? A gal can dream. Maybe he’ll come off the DL in time for me to watch him through my cucumber eye pads during my day at the spa.

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