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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: How do you know when beer is too much a part of your life?

By Rick Kaempfer When I saw the picture of the beer bottle that Kim gave her husband Jeff for Father’s Day, I was very jealous. Duff Beer. That’s priceless. But I have to admit, I also thought: Oooh, you know who would really love that? My son. My eight year old son. Let me explain.... Read more »

Dear A City Mom Subscribers

Sorry to be a pest, dear readers. The ChicagoNow re-launch date has been moved back until June 30th, (for about the third time. But this time they say they really mean it!) vs. the 21st that I posted a few days ago. So if you’d like to resubscribe, please do so after the 30th. Thank... Read more »

Warcraft Widow

Most men, young and old, respond to a call for food with Pavlovian reflex, a pounding up or down stairs in the general direction of the kitchen with a stop for washing hands only when reminded by their wife or mother. That is most men not playing World of Warcraft. Hey guys, I say to... Read more »

D'oh! Duff Beer for Dad

What on earth do you get the man in your life for Father’s day? It seems to me it gets harder and harder each year. I mean, how many ties should one man own? But this year, oh yes, this year, I outdid myself. For my dear husband, nothing less than an actual, real, existing... Read more »

The Ionic Litterbox: Better than it was before?

The electronic litter box we have for our cats has a clock on it. (Looks like I’m sticking with the scatological cat theme for this week!) [Unethical cat pees on professional book] The manufacturer of the litter box, LitterMaid, says it’s so we can set the timer for the litter box, so we can put... Read more »

Dear A City Mom Subscribers

Thank you so much for following A City Mom! Because ChicagoNow is moving to a new host on June 21, your subscriptions will be lost in the ethers during transport and your email alerts will no longer be working. If you want to re-subscribe, please bookmark my blog and then add it as an RSS... Read more »

The Cubs Calendar

“If it isn’t on The Kitchen Calendar, then it isn’t happening in my world.” I say this often and for better or worse, my family knows it’s true. If they don’t tell me, and then sometimes stand there to physically watch me write it down on THE calendar on the fridge, the chances of “it”... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Reason I Write

Eckhard Kaempfer (1935-1989)
By Rick Kaempfer Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and Father’s Day has always been a bittersweet day for me. I enjoy the couple of minutes in the morning that the boys are nice to me, saying their coached words about appreciating me. Those are nice moments. But Father’s Day also reminds me of my own... Read more »

Unethical Cat Pees on Professional Book

Unethical Cat Pees on Professional Book
So my husband is considering taking the CFA course to become, well, a CFA, because after all, who wouldn’t want a few more letters following their name? (CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst.) But being a pretty smart financial analyst already, he decided instead of jumping right in and signing up for the expensive course,... Read more »

The Impromptu Social Life: How not to be Psycho-Hostess

Recently I’ve fallen in love with last minute. Gone ape for impromptu. Something about an “I’m so happy this worked out” social life, really makes me happy.   In so many ways, it’s just easier. When I have lunches and dinners and get-together on the calendar, of course I look forward to them, but dare... Read more »