A Cubs/Old Style Brew-ha-ha

cubs hat cropped.jpg

Because the high temperature today will be in the mid-forties with the wind gusting to thirty off the lake, it means it’s my turn to go to the Cubs game this afternoon. Natch.

The only good thing about going to a game on a day like today is the beer stays cold. But acitymom foresees that in the near future she will have a bit of a dilemma in this area. You see, she’s such a hard core Cub fan she refuses to drink a St. Louis beer (Budweiser) at Wrigley Field. She will drink Old Style instead, which sometimes causes the husband to sit far, far away from her.

But here’s my impending dilemma; if the makers of Old Style move to Los Angeles, Old Style/Pabst HQ to move to LA does this mean acitymom can’t drink any beer when the Cubs play the LA Dodgers?

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