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Do Not Disturb?

Four girls sat around our kitchen table eating (and eating and eating) snacks and talking. I was in there as well, partaking of my favorite hobby, cleaning the kitchen. (For those of you new to acitymom, I like to say cleaning the kitchen is my hobby because then I feel better about getting to do... Read more »

Hungarian Home Alone

We were getting close to coasting out over the Atlantic Ocean when we heard the following radio call on the frequency: “London Center this is Airline X Flight 123.” (I forgot the actual name of airline and flight number. Really.) “Airline X Flight 123, go ahead.” “Yeah, is there any way you can send a... Read more »

Why I Go Bananas

Bananas on the countertop. That’s how I knew my husband had been to Costco. It’s a workout in and of itself, that place is. I try repeatedly to explain this to him and the kids, but I think they just don’t get it. Those cases of Pepsi and Gatorade and Progresso and large rafts of... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Never tell a writer what to write

By Rick Kaempfer I’ve learned over the years as a parent that encouraging creativity is one thing, but guiding it in a certain direction is never a good idea. My two oldest boys both have wildly creative streaks in them, and while I was proud of what they created, I couldn’t help but gently guide... Read more »

That reminds me of a story of why I'm better than you. Listen up.

Have you ever met that person? The person who doesn’t really hear anything you say, but only uses your words as an opportunity to say something about themselves. Something competitive. I firmly believe in the New Age theory that the traits we find most annoying in others are things we do ourselves and don’t realize... Read more »

A Trick on Rick: What are the odds?

My guest blogger, Rick Kaempfer, has begun to step on my toes. Before I go out and buy some cement shoes (Did someone say “shoes?” Should I alert Corri McFadden over at In Her Shoes?) I want to find out if this is a conspiracy, a la Oliver Stone, or just some kind of freaky,... Read more »

An Evil Game of Musical Chair

“You broke my five-dollar chair.” Kyle looked at me then at his brother. “No. This is how it happened.” I didn’t really care about the chair. I’d bought it twenty years ago at Betty’s Resale Shop or The Ark, one of those secondhand stores that used to be on North Lincoln Avenue. I’m surprised it... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Opening Day!

By Rick Kaempfer It’s April and hopes springs eternal. It’s also the time of year that my White Sox friends start ripping me for my love of the Cubs and Wrigley Field. I can take their slings and arrows because I’ve had lots of wonderful memories there, and nobody can ever take that away from... Read more »