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My son says I haven’t embarrassed him once. We’re only a few hours in. I still got time.

I was very tense at the beginning of all this. I didn’t know any of the parents personally, only by sight and it’s a whole lot different when you know you’re going to be spending a week with them. Same with the teachers. I mean, I know them and what they teach and from the stories they boys tell, but that’s about it. So, I was nervous. But, after a stop at a rest area (one Sudafed and two Motrin) the mood seems a lot more relaxed when we got back on the bus. Whew,

The bus has no seat-back pockets, and without one I’m realizing now just how handy they are. The next time you’re on a jet, perhaps we should all be grateful we haven’t decided to charge you for those.

I’ve been tweeting (@acitymom) some brief updates. Among them:

99 bottles of beer on the wall got shot down after one verse. Woot!

Thank The Universe for small favors. And I also have my own row of two seats to myself. (chaperone cooties?) Plus, as an added bonus, I got a free chaperone T-shirt.

I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll get to keep it.

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