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Freedom is not Free: acitymom the chaperone returns from Washington DC

You probably thought acitymom didn’t survive her chaperoning experience, or that perhaps she and the other chaperones (who were all very cool, btw; not a hoverer in the bunch) had been tied up and locked on a bus while one-hundred eighth graders proceeded to wreak havoc on our nation’s Capitol, you know, kind of like... Read more »

acitymom chaperones

Out of twenty plus kids’ rooms at the hotel, only one oversleeps. Of course, it’s my son’s. After numerous wake-up calls (in their defense, the phones were out) and door pounding, it takes a chaperone a spare key and some dynamite, oh just kidding, and some yelling through the security lock to wake them. My... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Chaperoning in Iowa

By Rick Kaempfer When I saw that Kim had agreed to chaperon a school trip to Washington, I was impressed. I’m not what you would call the volunteering type. Don’t get me wrong, I have done my fair share over the years. I did coach soccer for several years, and I have volunteered to do... Read more »

acitymom chaperones

We found morning. In Frederick County, Maryland. I actually managed to get some sleep on the bus, and due to the many contortions that it took, am relieved to report I can forgo my Yoga practice for the remainder of the week. And I even do the hot Yoga, so it was useful that the... Read more »

acitymom chaperones

My son says I haven’t embarrassed him once. We’re only a few hours in. I still got time. I was very tense at the beginning of all this. I didn’t know any of the parents personally, only by sight and it’s a whole lot different when you know you’re going to be spending a week... Read more »

acitymom chaperones

It was a dark and stormy night… I still can’t believe it’s me here on this bus. The only thing betterr than starting out a fourteen (I think it’s fourteen, they won’t really tell us the truth.) hour bus ride with forty kids is starting out a fourteen hour bus ride with forty kids feeling... Read more »

A Fixed-Wing Parent in a Helicopter World? acitymom chaperones

Somehow, I don’t recall how it happened exactly, maybe I blocked it, but I’ve been cornered into chaperoning my sons’ eighth grade field trip to Washington DC. We leave tonight. By bus. Gaaaa I tried to see if I could, you know, just fly out there and meet them. No dice. Apparently, the school feels... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Road Trip

By Rick Kaempfer I loved Kim’s piece about their spontaneous trip to London (and yes, I’m totally jealous). In that piece she mentioned that usually the best stories come about when things don’t go as planned on vacations, and this particular trip to London went so well, she didn’t have any stories like that. I... Read more »

Who Takes Their Kids to London on a Lark?

Apparently, we do. Deciding to listen to our own “advice” [Bite Me CNN] the part about how we’ve never regretted any money we’ve spent taking our kids on vacation, we took a crow bar to the savings account (read: put it on a credit card) and saddled up for a five day trip to Europe.... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Painted Toe Nails and Tea Sets

By Rick Kaempfer Last night the Daily Show featured a segment about the uproar caused by a J Crew ad featuring a photo of a mother and her young boy. The cause of the uproar? The boy had pink painted toenails. The 47-year-old me with three growing boys (two of which are now teenagers) agrees... Read more »