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Skecher Shape-ups Help My Plantar Fasciitis. Unfortunately.

A runner who can’t run is a person whom no one else wants to be around. Take it from me, a recently sidelined runner. It’s been 35 days (3 hours and thirteen minutes) since my last run. But my brand new pair of Skecher Shape-ups seems to be changing all that. I’ve been diagnosed with... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The reason I haven't seen the Oscar nominated films

By Rick Kaempfer Oscar night is Sunday and once again, I’ve only seen one of the nominated films…and that one is Toy Story 3. I’ll still watch the show, of course, but I won’t have any rooting interest. I never really thought it would get to this point. I used to love going to the... Read more »

Study: Cellphone Radiation Affects Your Brain

A new study says cellphone use affects your brain. Like they needed a study to discover this? Anyone who’s ever driven behind someone using a cellphone in their car, or watched this viral YouTube video, of the girl who texted her way into a fountain, already knows this important fact. What the study does provide... Read more »

Chicago Election 2011

Today I did my civic duty and voted. I voted for a new Mayor and a new Alderman and a few other candidates running unopposed. And then I went home and did what every good citymom tells her children to do: I washed my hands with soap and water. I mean honestly, this is the... Read more »

Funny Family Photos: The Un-Contest

I think that I shall never see…a soccer ball stuck in a tree. acitymom is inviting all parents out there to participate in my blog by sending in a photo of something crazy, funny or just plain odd that you thought you would never see, or should never see or maybe wish you’d never seen,... Read more »

License to be a Dork

As the State of Illinois debates selling advertising on license plates (Seriously, they are. Like, “The Land of Lincoln, Lincoln, Better Carpeting for Less.”) I would like to establish a campaign of my own. A campaign against drivers advertising they’re dorks via their license plates. You’ve seen them. The vanity plates you love to hate.... Read more »

No Talking Dogs Allowed

My children have recently become enamored with a YouTube video I’m trying desperately to hide from my dog. If she happens to watch, and then gets any ideas, I’m doomed.   When I walk in the door to my house after a trip, I get the “Mamas?”  All three of my kids clamoring for my... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Unwritten Rules of Valentine's Day

By Rick Kaempfer I loved Kim’s piece about Valentine’s day. My wife and I have a similar agreement about ignoring the holiday, but when I was working in an office early in our marriage, I found that people were really disturbed by that concept. There were a few women in my office that really got... Read more »

The Binny's Factor: Does TomTom need a Knucklehead app?

Whenever I ask my husband what time he’ll be home from work, he’ll give me the ETA based on his iPhone’s TomTom app. Unfortunately for me, the TomTom app does not include the Binny’s factor: the delay that will inevitably ensue if it takes him down an “alternate route” that passes by a Binny’s Beverage... Read more »

Melancholy? You're Soaking in It: When a good manicure goes bad

My manicurist is depressing. Melancholy: He’s soaking in it. This is not a good trait to have if you’re in the business of trying to make women feel good, because after all, what woman goes to get her nails done because she wants to feel bad? About once a month or so I try to... Read more »