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14 Carat PMS

Shortly after my wedding I bent a prong on my wedding ring while I was at work. I totally freaked out thinking I might lose something as sentimental as the diamond my husband used to propose to me. The very next day I went to Venture (Remember Venture stores?) and bought myself a plain gold... Read more »

Who's the Winner Now?

My son Ethan placed at his school’s science fair and therefore he has the honor of competing at the city level. Just when I thought the science fair process had become completely painless for me, it of course, becomes not painless. He and his science fair partner did do all of the work themselves. Although... Read more »

Suffering Bears Fan?

Here’s just the thing. Found this at the store today and thought it just about sums it up. I wish I’d had this yesterday.  Well, as we Cubs fans like to say, “Wait ’til next year.” Personally, I think this is such a great idea, I might look into the possibility of manufacturing some Cubs... Read more »

Hmmm. Beer.

I was waiting at a bar yesterday, and as much as you’d probably like this blog to be about why, I’m afraid it’s going to be about a sign I saw while waiting. And not a sign like a bright white light or a rainbow or anything, but an actual sign. This sign posted here.... Read more »

Fair Weather Bears Fan-Time to Fess Up

The big game is this Sunday and of course we’re going to watch it. Go Bears! But it feels sort of pretentious to me. We are Bears fans, but we rarely sit down and watch the games. The last time I tried it was the Sunday we played the Patriots, and just look at how... Read more »

The Sun Sign Person Formerly Known As

Finally. Someone has come along to explain the mayhem in my life.The New Zodiac  And to think all this time I thought I was a Cancer married to an Aquarius with two Capricorn and one Sagittarian child. Now, I can see the root of the problem. I’m really a Gemini married to a Capricorn with... Read more »

You are Strongly Encouraged to Not Feel Superior

Christmas, 2008 My parenting technique has always leaned toward the stricter side. At least I thought so. Until I read Amy Chua’s article in the Wall Street Journal which has gone Internet viral, Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior . I have nothing on Chinese moms. I know she has a book she’s trying to sell... Read more »

A City Mom Targets Dominick's

Dominick’s, would you please target your market?  Every time I hear your radio ads with that twenty year-old California girl doing the voice-over, I want to turn off my radio. I mean what were you thinking? I’m a middle-aged Chicago woman. A Chicago native. I do just about all of my family’s grocery shopping. (If... Read more »

Don't Throw Sardines at Your Neighbor's House

                Don’t throw sardines at your neighbor’s house. It will only confuse your dog.  This is a cautionary tale, but not in the way you think.  It’s a warning you need to be very careful what you say in front of your writer friends, even your oldest, dearest friends, because what you say could end... Read more »


1111 is my lucky number, so I can’t believe I almost let today go by without posting.  I have 1111 on my license plate and in my “real” e-mail address and every one of my kids knows that when the clock strikes 11:11, you need to make a wish. It all started with my dead ex-boyfriend. ... Read more »