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Staying out of the weeds

I’m stuck in the weeds.   Usually this means it’s time for me to go back to work. This off in the weeds phenomena happens to me when I’ve been off work for a long time, perhaps too long, say, for example, like when I’ve had a week off for Thanksgiving or something. I become... Read more »

Article clipping 2010 style: Is it email antimatter to your kids?

I sent my son Kyle an email last week with a link to a CNN article about the scientists at CERN laboratory in Switzerland who had created antimatter. (Here’s the link:CNNWorld-Scientists Capture Antimatter Atoms ) I knew he’d be interested in seeing it, because for the last year or so he’s said he wants to... Read more »

Supper Club

Supper Club has been an ongoing tradition with a group of our friends for nearly twelve years now. It consists of six couples (and children) who get together every other month or so for a Sunday dinner.  Each couple takes turns hosting and therefore cooking the main dish. Everyone else brings something–a side or appetizer... Read more »

Race Against "The Day"

My sons and I went running together over the weekend, just down to the lake and back.  We’ve run together before over the years, though never quite this far.  I keep telling them that before long, there will come the day when I won’t be able to keep up with them. They’re thirteen now, very... Read more »

Get DOWN with your kids' Lingo

I have a requestion: If you’re looking for a fun time, want to try taking this Good Housekeeping Quiz? Test Your Teen Slang – Good Housekeeping  As everyone knows, Good Housekeeping is my go to place for everything hip and cool, which are words that are no longer hip and cool, so I’m told. They’re... Read more »

Kim Strickland Kim Strickland

Kim Strickland Pardon my branding. Or shameless self-promotion. Or the channeling of my inner dance music star. But have you noticed this, too? I’m guessing if you don’t have an eleven-year old daughter, or listen to B-96 on a regular basis, then the answer is no. It first caught my attention with artist Jason DeRulo.... Read more »

Why France needs A City Mom

The Champs de Mars is a beautiful place to run and when I’m in Paris, I take advantage of the opportunity by doing so. It’s a little more than a mile to make one loop around the park, and, terrific view of the Eiffel Tower notwithstanding, I have to admit my favorite part about the... Read more »

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  The program our family used to adopt our daughter, Bridge of Hope, is looking for host families for December. Host families have the children, from Ukraine and Russia, stay in their homes for a couple of weeks and are, ideally, prospective adoptive families for the children. Here’s a downloadable... Read more »

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all of our awesome veterans. But a special thanks to my dad, Platoon Sergeant Richard R. Strickland, WWII 88th Infantry Blue Devils   (If you follow the link, you can read about one of the battles my father fought on Mt. Battaglia, Italy.)  I’m really proud of you, Daddy!

It gets dark so early now.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight.  And do we dare try to guess who will be the first person to utter the title sentence to us as if it’s news?  Enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Now, if someone could just explain this process to my dog.