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The Way It Is

Six-or is it seven?-weeks into the Shelter At Home quarantine, life has settled into a mind numbing routine for some and a frightening reality for others. There is no news that isn’t about the Coronavirus itself or the effect it’s had on every aspect of life as we knew it. People who never-or hardly ever-... Read more »

Graze, The French Market, North Pond and Bits

Graze Until I tasted the oat milk cappuccino with vanilla at Graze (1632 W Division), I’d summarily dismissed all of the alternative milks, juices and waters. But as I reminded myself, there’s a growing market out there that embraces these same options, and if I’m going to write about the current food scene, I have... Read more »

From Suckling Pig to Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Steak/Frites

Mon Ami Gabi Nothing says bistro like steak/frites, and no one does steak/frites better than Mon Ami Gabi, a Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise restaurant that’s celebrating its 22nd birthday this year.    “It’s our best selling dish,” executive chef Susan Weaver says. “We offer the steak finished with four sauces other than the Classique, but... Read more »

Tuesdays at Friendship House

Tuesdays at Friendship House
Friendship Restaurant in Logan Square bills itself as “180-degrees from ordinary Chinese.” The designation is accurate. The menu avoids the usual cliches, focusing, instead, on creative dishes like tea smoked salmon with scallops” and shrimp mousse stuffed Cornish game hen with crispy prawns in lobster sauce & chili oil. Deciding what to order is difficult,... Read more »