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Tres Bon

Le Sud With neighborhood French restaurants increasingly scarce, restaurateur Sandy Chen decided to go against the flow. The result is Le Sud, a charming spot that celebrates the food, wine and decor of southern France. “I’d  been doing Chinese restaurants for more than twenty years, and I was ready to do something else,” she says.... Read more »


Brunch at Barton G The Barton G in Los Angeles doesn’t do brunch. Neither does the Barton G in Miami. But this is Chicago, and on Sundays from 10 to 3, Chicagoans eat brunch. So on the first Sunday in May, Barton G Chicago served its very first brunch. Dinner at Barton G* is a... Read more »

Ramen: Dish "Yes," Noodle "No"

If you’re hooked on trends, ramen is the real deal. And if you’re hooked on accuracy, “ramen” is a category-like burgers or fruit pies-not a specific noodle. In short, when you’re talking “ramen,” you’re talking about bowls of broth, noodles and toppings. And if you’re intent on the country of origin, it’s Japan, albeit with... Read more »