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Sunday with Sarah

This Sunday ( June 28th) at noon, guests are invited, via Zoom, to join chef/partner Sarah Stegner in her kitchen at Prairie Grass Cafe for a live cooking demo. Chef Stegner will be preparing Sunday Brunch, complete with Ora King salmon filets and produce from local farms.  Cooking packages ($62) with all the necessary ingredients... Read more »

It's the Little Things That Mean a Lot

It’s the Little Things That Mean a Lot Back in February- when Covid 19  was something happening in China that wouldn’t ever affect the United States (the President promised)- we visited friends who winter in Las Vegas. We slept in most mornings, but on the day we left, we decided to have brunch at The... Read more »

It's Good, But Is It Portable?

It’s Good, But Is It Portable ? Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Mother’s Day is typically the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Even now, even with the Coronavirus continuing to take a toll, letting a restaurant do the cooking for Mother’s Day is still a good idea. For chef/partner David DiGregorio and the... Read more »

Le Sud: A taste of France in Roscoe Village

Le Sud: A taste of France in Roscoe Village
Le Sud sits on the western fringe of Roscoe Village, offering the spirit of the French Countryside, just two blocks east of bustling Western Avenue. The exterior conjures up the warmth of Provence, with its sun-washed Mediterranean blue walls and the obligatory roosters. The entire east side of the restaurant is dedicated to al fresco... Read more »

A Pilgrimage for a Food Lover

Like the travelers in Chaucer’s 14th-century classic, “The Canterbury Tales,” I ventured far from home to go on pilgrimage. Their journey was to Canterbury, to the place where St. Thomas a Becket was martyred. I, on the other hand, journeyed to New York City, where I managed to sample more food in a short amount of... Read more »

Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen

Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen With Ukraine in the headlines, dining at Tryzub (two syllables-try and zub) Ukrainian Kitchen in Ukrainian Village offers an opportunity to learn more about the country and its cuisine. The decor is a mix of elegant chandeliers and cultural artifacts, everything from  books, furniture, maps and traditional clothing to photos of important... Read more »

It Must Be In the Genes

Sunny Side Up  I’m convinced the computer gods have it in for me. After decades spent working on various computers, you’d expect me to know a thing or two about using them. Obviously I don’t, since my story about the Sunny Side Up Restaurants, a two venue format that focuses on breakfast and lunch, seems... Read more »


Brunch at Barton G The Barton G in Los Angeles doesn’t do brunch. Neither does the Barton G in Miami. But this is Chicago, and on Sundays from 10 to 3, Chicagoans eat brunch. So on the first Sunday in May, Barton G Chicago served its very first brunch. Dinner at Barton G* is a... Read more »

A Breakfast and A Brunch

Breakfast is a chameleon. Dial it down, and it’s a meal eaten on the run. Snazz it up, and it’s a veritable feast. Enjoy it in the restaurant of a multi-starred hotel, and it’s a great way to start the day. Chicago has a long history of excellent restaurants in top tier hotels, some of... Read more »

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Describing Barton G, The Restaurant Chicago as “over-the-top” is an understatement. According to owner Barton G. Weiss, his three restaurants (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago) are considered “the most Instagrammed restaurants in the world,” and it’s hard to argue the point.  At Barton G., one picture is definitely worth a thousand words. The above is... Read more »