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It's the Little Things That Mean a Lot

It’s the Little Things That Mean a Lot Back in February- when Covid 19  was something happening in China that wouldn’t ever affect the United States (the President promised)- we visited friends who winter in Las Vegas. We slept in most mornings, but on the day we left, we decided to have brunch at The... Read more »

Graze, The French Market, North Pond and Bits

Graze Until I tasted the oat milk cappuccino with vanilla at Graze (1632 W Division), I’d summarily dismissed all of the alternative milks, juices and waters. But as I reminded myself, there’s a growing market out there that embraces these same options, and if I’m going to write about the current food scene, I have... Read more »

Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen

Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen With Ukraine in the headlines, dining at Tryzub (two syllables-try and zub) Ukrainian Kitchen in Ukrainian Village offers an opportunity to learn more about the country and its cuisine. The decor is a mix of elegant chandeliers and cultural artifacts, everything from  books, furniture, maps and traditional clothing to photos of important... Read more »

It Must Be In the Genes

Sunny Side Up  I’m convinced the computer gods have it in for me. After decades spent working on various computers, you’d expect me to know a thing or two about using them. Obviously I don’t, since my story about the Sunny Side Up Restaurants, a two venue format that focuses on breakfast and lunch, seems... Read more »

Independents Navigate a Crowded Scene

Bistronomic Restaurant Bistronomic Restaurant is a charming French bistro with a well-priced menu and a white tablecloth ambiance. It’s also one of the only independently owned restaurants in its immediate neighborhood. Martial Noguier, the eight-year- old restaurant’s very French chef/owner says it’s hard for an independent restaurant to compete with the national chains  and local... Read more »

A Breakfast and A Brunch

Breakfast is a chameleon. Dial it down, and it’s a meal eaten on the run. Snazz it up, and it’s a veritable feast. Enjoy it in the restaurant of a multi-starred hotel, and it’s a great way to start the day. Chicago has a long history of excellent restaurants in top tier hotels, some of... Read more »