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Pumpkin Everywhere Except the Pie

Pumpkin Everywhere But In the Pie I don’t like pumpkin pie, at least the traditional version. Put mounds of whipped cream and a sprinkle of candied walnuts on it, and I still won’t like it. But oddly enough, I like virtually everything else made with pumpkin. So with Thanksgiving just around the proverbial corner, I’m... Read more »

Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

This Thanksgiving will definitely be different. The guest list will be shorter,  the turkey smaller, the list of sides curtailed, and the inventory of leftovers larger. If “eternity” is two people and a ham, what is two people and a twenty-pound turkey? Of course, some people might ditch the traditional menu altogether, opting, instead, for... Read more »

Thanksgiving:A Food Focused Memoir

Part One The No-Stress Turkey Over the years, I’ve hosted a lot of Thanksgiving dinners and written a lot of food- centric Thanksgiving stories. This year is-of course- “different,” and I thought I’d post some favorites before I tackled the realities of Thanksgiving 2020. Cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey Minus the Stress  Back before I knew... Read more »