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Sports, Games and a Utopian Tailgate

Parlay at Joy District  Joy District is one part event space and one part sports bar. Parlay, the sports bar on the street level, has nineteen  100-inch LED TVs and a 200-inch projection screen. Given the number of screens, no seat is a “bad” seat. If the Bears, Bulls or Blackhawks are playing, virtually every TV... Read more »

Le Sud: A taste of France in Roscoe Village

Le Sud: A taste of France in Roscoe Village
Le Sud sits on the western fringe of Roscoe Village, offering the spirit of the French Countryside, just two blocks east of bustling Western Avenue. The exterior conjures up the warmth of Provence, with its sun-washed Mediterranean blue walls and the obligatory roosters. The entire east side of the restaurant is dedicated to al fresco... Read more »

Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy of a Wine Dinner Italy produces and exports more wine than any other country. There are more vintages (a year or period of origin) in Italy than there are in any other country. Terroir (climate, elevation, terrain) varies, and the wines from one area won’t be the same as the wines from another region,... Read more »