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Wine Speak for Everyone

En route to a tasting of Trentodoc wines at Spiaggia Restaurant on Michigan Avenue, I gave myself a pep talk. To be honest, even after decades of writing about food and wine, I still get nervous when I’m hanging out with the pros. Wine is complex, and the terminology can be intimidating. But-and it’s an... Read more »

Terrace 16 is ready for its close-up

Alfresco season is alive and well in Chicago and Terrace 16 is ready to roll. Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, Terrace 16 has re-designed their outdoor patio on the 16th floor of the 401 N. Wabash building and their menu. Last year the Terrace at Trump rebranded itself as a more budget friendly... Read more »


Brunch at Barton G The Barton G in Los Angeles doesn’t do brunch. Neither does the Barton G in Miami. But this is Chicago, and on Sundays from 10 to 3, Chicagoans eat brunch. So on the first Sunday in May, Barton G Chicago served its very first brunch. Dinner at Barton G* is a... Read more »

Proxi: Global street food in a contemporary setting

Proxi: Global street food in a contemporary setting
Proxi, opened nearly two years ago in the West Loop, is the perfect choice for diners looking for something beyond Chicago’s well-known steakhouses, Italian establishments and obligatory pizza palaces. It’s a place where you can order innovative shareable plates from Michelin star chef Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia) that take you through global offerings of street food with the flavors... Read more »

Two Moves/ Two Spectacular Spaces

Le Colonial When news about the impending moves for Le Colonial and Entente went public, diners were dubious. Change isn’t always a plus, especially when it signals the demise of an iconic setting like the second floor bar at the original Le Colonial. But as it turns out, diners are giving the new spaces an... Read more »