Remembering Yoshi

( I originally published this article in August, 2015 when Yoshi died. Yoshi’s Cafe closes this Sunday.) This was supposed to be a story about the great burger I had last Saturday night at Yoshi’s Café. But the harsh realities of life intervened. My tale of a wonderful burger has morphed into an obituary for... Read more »

BAKIT Box: How a Chicago startup founded by two minority women saved my Thanksgiving

BAKIT Box: How a Chicago startup founded by two minority women saved my Thanksgiving
My Maple Pumpkin Pie BAKIT Box arrived just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving. I am not a baker but I had promise to bring dessert to our annual Thanksgiving gathering. I was beginning to panic. Locally many of Chicago’s popular pie vendors had already stopped taking orders. And somehow the pumpkin pie on... Read more »

"The Eli's Cheesecake Cookbook"

“The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook- Remarkable Recipes from a Chicago Legend” Maureen Schulman, Elana Schulman, Tara Lane, Diana Moles, Jolene Worthington Agate Publishing $30 “You have to have a great dessert,” Eli Schulman, owner of the legendary Eli’s, The Place for Steak, replied when I asked him about his restaurant’s smash hit cheesecake. It was the... Read more »

What I Did During the Pandemic:The Book

What I Did During the Pandemic: The BookThe ProjectMore than a dozen years have passed since I wrote my first children’s book,“Chloe and the All-By-Myself Cake.” From time to time, I tried to market the manuscript, intent on finding a publisher who would, in turn, hire the illustrator. But as I found out, the world... Read more »

What I Ate During the Pandemic

Looking back, it’s hard to remember exactly what I ate-or cooked-during the first wave of the Pandemic. Nothing was normal, and going to the grocery store was a nerve-racking experience. There were endless turkey sandwiches made with bread (preferably rye or pumpernickel) and cold cuts from the deli section of the grocery store. I remember... Read more »

What Do the Irish Eat on St. Patrick’s Day? Barbara Revsine If you go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day expecting an over-the-top, Guinness-fueled celebration coupled with a dinner of corned beef and cabbage, you’re likely to be disappointed.  St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, died on March 17th, and the anniversary of his death typically... Read more »

Take Out Chicago Contest

Take Out Chicago Contest
Take a bite out of Chicago’s amazing restaurant landscape and win a VIP tour of a special Chicago location With indoor dining no longer operational in the City of Chicago, due to no fault of their own, Chicago dining establishments need your help. One way you can help is with the City’s just launched, Take... Read more »

Celebrating the Holidays

Courtesy of carryout, delivery, Zoom and FaceTime, families and friends can celebrate the holidays together, despite the pandemic. Restaurants throughout the Chicago area are offering delicious meals, minus the fuss and most of the clean-up. Better yet, guests can order their meal of choice. In 2020, that’s as good as it gets. The following are... Read more »

Festive, Delicious and Available for Carryout

With Thanksgiving in the past tense, the spotlight shifts and the holiday season begins, complete with opportunities to celebrate the season with edible treats created by some of the city’s top tier chefs. Cookies Cookies for Christmas are a “must,” but making them from scratch is as messy as it is time consuming, especially if... Read more »

Pumpkin Everywhere Except the Pie

Pumpkin Everywhere But In the Pie I don’t like pumpkin pie, at least the traditional version. Put mounds of whipped cream and a sprinkle of candied walnuts on it, and I still won’t like it. But oddly enough, I like virtually everything else made with pumpkin. So with Thanksgiving just around the proverbial corner, I’m... Read more »