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The Pace Pressure Point: A Chicago Bears Off-Season Guide

      The Philadelphia Eagles just did the unthinkable. They won the Super Bowl in just a little more than two years after pulling the plug on Chip Kelly. Bears general manager Ryan Pace hopes new head coach Matt Nagy makes a Doug Pederson-like impact but lets not kid ourselves, the pressure is all... Read more »

John Fox to Take the Blame for all of the Bears Problems

First, let me start off by stating that I am not a big fan of Bears head coach John Fox, and I will not be wiping away any tears when he is fired after the season. But Bears fans, you need to know something: John Fox isn’t the only problem and he may not even... Read more »

Despite Calls for Mitch Trubisky, Don't Expect Bears to Answer Just Yet

The telephone is ringing, but John Fox and his staff aren’t answering just yet. That’s not to say they will simply let it ring forever, but at least for now, the calls from fans and media outlets for the Chicago Bears to start their future franchise QB Mitchell Trubisky is not something they are willing... Read more »

Unveiling the Chicago Bears Initial 53-Man Roster

I call this the “initial” roster because as the other teams’ cuts are announced, I’m sure that the Bears will be adding and subtracting from this roster in order to take on players from other organizations as needs fit. Despite what Ryan Pace had to say about not requiring players from other teams, the Bears... Read more »

Let the QB Controversy Begin: Mitch Trubisky Impresses in Bears Debut

“Mike’s the starter,” Trubisky said. “This is his team.” Ah yes, the fact that young Mitchell even felt the need to utter those words makes you realize just what is developing here, in a town that always loves the backup QB and has been known to experience a QB controversy or two over the years.... Read more »

Ryan Pace Wants John Fox Out as Bears Head Coach

No, it’s not like Ryan Pace and John Fox are having a spat, or that there is such a disconnect between the men that continuing the relationship would be toxic to the team. No, nothing like that. However, if Pace, the guy who generally manages the Chicago Bears, has his wish, he would like to... Read more »

Bears Fans Left Cold After Feeling This Draft

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace did the impossible. He made something that is already a gamble into much more of a risk by trading three draft picks to move up one spot in order to take Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Oh but he didn’t stop there. Throughout... Read more »

Bears 1st Round Draft Analysis: Fox OutPaced, Pace Outfoxed

Disclaimer: I was not a fan of the pick or the trade. But more on that in a bit. The real story, to me, is that with the decision to move up to the second position in the draft and taking QB Mitchell Trubisky, Ryan Pace both flexed his muscles over head coach John Fox... Read more »

Bears Lose Their #1 WR Alshon Jeffrey to Eagles

Update: Per @JosinaAnderson Alshon Jeffrey called her and said it’s a done deal. One year for $14 million. On the surface, this may appear to be a blessing in disguise for the Bears. According to sources, Alshon Jeffrey will be signing with the Eagles, which means that Chicago won’t have to pay their troubled wideout and take... Read more »

Bears to Sign DB Quintin Demps, TE Dion Sims

Fox Sports Radio 1340 is reporting that former Houston Texans DB Quintin Demps and the Bears have reached an agreement. That is interesting news because it could signal their direction in the upcoming draft. While Ryan Pace could still take a safety with the third overall pick, it seems less likely now. The Bears are... Read more »