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Jay Cutler is Taking His Talents to South Beach

So that didn’t last very long, did it? Nope, Jay Cutler’s career as a media analyst on Fox is on hold, with Cutler deciding he still wants to play, and his former coach in Chicago Adam Gase offering him 10 million reasons to do so. What’s surprising to me is that Cutler still wants to... Read more »

Jay Cutler Apparently Has More to Say Than We Thought, Signs with Fox

Former Bears QB Jay Cutler never did like the media during his playing days. I say that in the past tense, although no one knows for sure if Cutler’s playing days are done or not. Nevertheless, Cutler recently accepted a TV gig with Fox, so perhaps the once-bitten, twice shy gunslinger is changing his tune.... Read more »

Tone of Bears Press Conference Minimizes Dire Situation

As Ross Read put it so succintly, this is a critical offseason for the Bears. And yet to listen to Wednesday’s press conference at Hallas Hall between head coach John Fox, GM Ryan Pace and the media, you would think all the Bears need is better health and all will be rosy. In fact, if... Read more »

Will John Fox and Jay Cutler Return to the Bears in 2017?

Unfortunately, this season is a lost concern, with only development time for young players like Leonard Floyd of value to the Bears going forward. However, there will certainly be plenty of questions surrounding the team after this season. For one, will John Fox return as coach, and who will assume the most important position in... Read more »

The Chicago Bears And Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season

    The Bears are off to a 1-6 start this season. The team has been decimated with injuries, the head coach seems out of touch with today’s league and the vision going forward isn’t quite clear. Yes Bears fans, this is what you call rock bottom. Last year, the Bears finished 6-10 and many... Read more »

The Chicago Bears Quarterback Controversy Is The Real Controversy

    Since Jay Cutler went down with a thumb injury, people have been trying to stir up a quarterback controversy in Chicago. Head coach John Fox has not helped the situation by being very vague on the topic. Brian Hoyer is a solid backup but he’s no starter. Fantasy nerds will point to what... Read more »

Has Jay Cutler Thrown His Last Pass for the Bears?

Recognizing that after this season the Bears can part ways with Jay Cutler without having a huge impact on the salary cap, one begins to wonder if this is his last season as the starting QB. The Bears have finished paying Cutler the guaranteed money on his contract, and it certainly appears as if they... Read more »

The Chicago Bears Need More Time

  One thing was evident in the Bears’ loss to Houston. The offensive line needs more time to come together. In the first half, the unit played solid but they were exposed when the Texans made halftime adjustments. It was probably a tall order to expect rookie Cody Whitehair to adjust quickly to moving from... Read more »

The Chicago Bears Live In A Grey Area

    As we embark on the 2016 season, you will find plenty of experts, analysts and fans give their opinion on what the Bears’ record will be this year. People are all over the map on this topic because this Bears team operates in a grey area. Last season, the Bears finished 6-10. A... Read more »

Jay Cutler Is Done Being Your Whipping Boy

    This goes out to people like Martellus Bennett, Stephen A. Smith or the random guy with an egg for an avatar on Twitter. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is done being your whipping boy. Enough with the tired, dragged out and misguided argument about him being “the worst quarterback in the NFL.” Cutler has... Read more »