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Chicago Bears Mock Draft 1.0: Predicting the First Three Rounds

Way back in November, I wrote what I called a “way too early” draft article, which focused on the Bears needing a left tackle and a wide receiver. Since then, a lot has changed. Although the Bears needs haven’t changed, they have a different lens from which they are being watched; that lens being new... Read more »

What if the Packers Lost Aaron Rodgers to a Waiver Claim?

There are some things in life that you wish like hell would happen. Someone drops a million bucks on you for no reason? Check. Three gorgeous women decide to make your every wish come true, and your wife is fine with it? Check. World peace? Hey, I had to throw that one in there just... Read more »

If I Had an MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

As the title suggests, I do not have one, but boy if I was a voting member of the Baseball writers club or whatever they call themselves, I would be a small Hall kind of guy. I would reserve the Hall of Fame for players that I felt were truly worthy of enshrinement, leaving out... Read more »

Bears-Niners: Real Story is Trubisky vs Garoppolo

One week after facing possibly the best team in the NFL, the Bears take on potentially the worst team in the 1-10 San Francisco 49ers. But before you order your victory chicken for Monday, consider this: the real story will be the first 49ers start of Jimmy Garoppolo, the QB that many think the Bears... Read more »

John Fox to Take the Blame for all of the Bears Problems

First, let me start off by stating that I am not a big fan of Bears head coach John Fox, and I will not be wiping away any tears when he is fired after the season. But Bears fans, you need to know something: John Fox isn’t the only problem and he may not even... Read more »

Cubs to Sign Alex Cobb; Theo Says Fans Should Expect to Win

There is a lot in inertia happening at the Winter Meetings right now, though I’m sure the foundation for future deals are being laid as I write this. But a couple things are a given: the Cubs need starting pitching, and the sky is blue. While I can’t do anything about the color of the... Read more »

A Way Too Soon Look at 2018 Chicago Bears Draft Picks

It figures, right? The year after the Bears go out and make a move to draft their franchise QB just happens to be a banner year for QBs coming out of college. One GM that won’t be taking a QB in the first round is Ryan Pace, who has pitted his legacy on the right... Read more »

Ozzie Guillen as Cubs Bench Coach? It's Crazy & It Could Happen!

I tell you, if the Cubs hire former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen as Joe Maddon’s bench coach, the team will almost instantly become more fun. For after all, Ozzie is fun. Fun is Ozzie. Look, as crazy as this may sound, don’t laugh—it’s not likely, but it’s also not impossible that it could happen.... Read more »

Who Should Cubs Trade to Acquire Pitching & Change the Mix?

Unless the Cubs want to dole out many millions of dollars over long periods of time, they will have to go the trade route to bolster the pitching staff this offseason. Theo Epstein has already stated that he would rather not go the free agency route, and would prefer the trade market, but that means... Read more »

Cubs Should Bring Back David Ross if Davey Martinez Leaves

Cubs bench coach and longtime Joe Maddon confidante Davey Martinez has interviewed for plenty of managerial jobs over the past several seasons, including with these same Nationals, so it’s certainly no guarantee that he will replace Dusty Baker as the next manager in Washington. But if he does leave, here’s hoping that David Ross takes... Read more »