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Ozzie Guillen as Cubs Bench Coach? It's Crazy & It Could Happen!

I tell you, if the Cubs hire former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen as Joe Maddon’s bench coach, the team will almost instantly become more fun. For after all, Ozzie is fun. Fun is Ozzie. Look, as crazy as this may sound, don’t laugh—it’s not likely, but it’s also not impossible that it could happen.... Read more »

Crosstown Trade a 'Win/Win' for Sox and Cubs

From now on, whenever someone mentions the “crosstown classic”, it will no longer be remembered as a series of exhibition games, but instead as a blockbuster trade. For in acquiring Jose Quintana from the White Sox, these intra-city rivals have proven they can work with each other. The deal made so much sense it was... Read more »

White Sox "Cuban Connection" Gives Fans Much to be Excited About

The blueprint is in place, the plan is being executed, and while there may be some suffering for the time being, White Sox fans have a heck of a lot to be excited about, as the rebuild is in full swing. And with Saturday’s signing of Cuban sensation Luis Robert, the Cuban Connection is leading... Read more »

Will White Sox Stay the Course Even if They Start to Contend This Season?

We all know that the Chicago White Sox are in full-on rebuild mode. It’s an outstanding idea for a franchise that had been reluctant to face all the losing that goes along with a rebuild, as their fans are not as willing to fill the park as Cubs fans are, especially when they aren’t winning.... Read more »

Rebuild Clearly Shows That Rick Hahn is in Charge of White Sox

Awhile back I wrote that it’s hard to tell just who is running the baseball operations at 35th & Shields, Kenny Williams, the architect of the 2005 World Series champs or Rick Hahn, the man with the GM title. But after seeing the moves the Sox have made in the past 28 hours, there is... Read more »

Sale for Sale: What the White Sox Can Expect to Get for Their Ace

If watching the Cubs win a World Series with a team that was largely rebuilt from scratch doesn’t make Jerry Reinsdorf agree to a rebuild, then nothing will. Even while they’re losing, I think even hardened Sox fans would agree they’d rather watch them lose with young prospects than with vets. However, Sox fans won’t... Read more »

Chicago Cubs and White Sox Fans Should Chill

  The Chicago Cubs are in the NLCS. The White Sox are not close to contention. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 and the White Sox haven’t been very good since their 2005 title. Both fan bases need to keep quiet and let things play out this year. The Cubs vs White... Read more »

Now That Sox Have a Manager, it's Time to Determine the General Manager

So Ricky Renteria will take the managerial reins for the White Sox starting in 2017. That’s all well and good, as he did a nice job in his short stint with the Cubs, and seems like a genuinely good guy. But what’s even more pressing is not who is the field manager, but who will... Read more »

The White Sox To Offer A Glimpse Into The Future?

    White Sox general manager Rick Hahn has called a press conference for the morning of October 3rd. This can mean a multitude of things but the first clue is him calling the press conference and not V.P. Kenny Williams. It’s been largely believed, Hahn has been handcuffed by Williams. Hahn is an advanced... Read more »

Ranking the All-Time MLB Players by Position — Chicago Edition

Selecting the best baseball player at each position in Chicago sports history is filled with subjectivity and will often result in comments pertaining to bias and all sorts of complaints. But hey, that’s who we are in this town—passionate about our teams, and passionate about our players. Hell, some might disown me as a Cubs... Read more »
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