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Bulls Shake Things Up by Trading Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves

And the rebuild officially begins. Sure, the Bulls could have brought back Jimmy Butler, to pair with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo which, assuming good health, would have probably made the Bulls a playoff team again. But stuck in basketball hell, the Bulls instead decided to shake things up, trading star forward Butler to the... Read more »

Bulls are Actively Shopping Jimmy Butler

If Chicago Bulls star forward Jimmy Butler is still wearing Bulls red following the NBA draft, I’ll be as surprised as Chaz Bono’s old girlfriend. In other words, Butler should be on his way out the door and the only remaining mystery is where he is going—to Boston, Minnesota or the latest rumors, which possibly... Read more »

The Chicago Bulls Need To Trade Jimmy Butler

    As you watch this year’s NBA Finals, it’s certain the Bulls are a long way from being able to compete with either Cleveland or Golden State. Since the Bulls don’t have the talent or history to lure big free agents, it’s time they go full reset by trading Jimmy Butler. Last week, Butler... Read more »

Bulls Don't Care, Why Should We?

Look, I’m not saying that the Bulls roster as it’s currently constructed, could win a title. Nor am I suggesting that this is a team that I predicted to win 50 games. But I do think they have proven that when they are motivated, they can play much better than the drivel we’ve been watching... Read more »

Expect Chicago Bulls to be Active at Trade Deadline

The Bulls are a mess on and off the court, masquerading in NBA hell, too good to get into the lottery but not enough talent to contend for a title. This is a familiar place for Chicago’s NBA team, except now you can sprinkle in some drama that combines to turn this into a clown... Read more »

John Paxson Needs To Step Into The Spotlight

    The Chicago Bulls are a disaster right now. They have no real future and all of this has happened under general manager Gar Forman’s watch. When current VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson was in charge of the roster, this was a much better team. Paxson has faded into the background but it’s... Read more »

Bulls Firings Shouldn't Stop with Hoiberg—Gar & Pax Need to Go Too

We all know it probably won’t happen, since Jerry Reinsdorf is so loyal and all. But reading that Fred Hoiberg is on the hot seat in only his second season as the Bulls coach, I started to think, why should he be the scapegoat…what about the guys who hired him? Look, I’m all for Hoiberg... Read more »

Bulls off to Best Start Since the Jordan Years

Embedded somewhere in between the Cubs and the Bears, and nestled in the bosom of a fandom not yet fully ready for basketball, lie your 2016-17 Chicago Bulls. And while you were away watching the Cubs make history and the Bears actually win a game amidst the misguided cries for tanking, you may not have... Read more »

The Chicago Bulls And Their Quest For Above Average

    The Bulls start their regular season in the midst of a Cubs World Series run. Thanks to the Northsiders, the Bulls have been an afterthought to start October, is this a precursor to their upcoming season? Gone is Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. In is Rajon Rondo, Robin Lopez and of... Read more »

Dwyane Wade Brings Stability to the Chicago Bulls

  Throughout the last couple of years, the Bulls have been a largely unstable franchise. The issues began with Derrick Rose’s injuries and they continued all the way through last season. Now that Dwyane Wade is on board, the team takes its first step towards regaining their stability. Let’s look at some of the major... Read more »