About the Staff

Bob Warja, Editor In Chief & Writer

The site's Editor-in-Chief, Bob Warja, is an award-winning journalist who has covered all four major sports for Chicago for many years. Starting out as a contributor for WGN Sports, Bob has written almost 1,500 articles for Bleacher Report and many of those pieces have been published in major media outlets such as ESPN, Fox and even in uncommon sports locations such as AskMen.

While Bob has been a Cubs fan his whole life and is still in the clouds over the World Series win this year, he has been writing professionally long enough to be objective in his reporting about not only the Cubs, but the Sox too. When he writes, he doesn't write from the perspective of a fanboy. Rather, he often uses a somewhat cynical approach combined with a strong sense of humor. After all, being a Cubs fan used to require a lot of laughter - mainly to keep from crying!

Bob is also a fan of the Bears, Hawks and Bulls and has experience writing about each team. In fact, Bob was the Community Leader at Bleacher Report and helped the site attract Cubs fans and writers from it's early days through its recent, much broader, success. He most recently served as a senior writer for Chicago Bears Huddle on these very same ChicagoNow pages.

Bob welcomes your feedback. Feel free to contact him at rwarja@gmail.com.

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Ross Read, Co-Author & Writer

Ross is an accomplished and experienced sports journalist from Chicago. He's written for Bleacher Report, Fansided, Football Savages and Pro Football Talk just to name a few. He's a huge Bears, Bulls and White Sox fan, but believes in an unbiased approach when writing about the teams.

Ross is the co-author of this Blog, along with Bob, so feel free to contact him with any questions and comments at ross.read@gmail.com.

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Ben Cirino, Writer

Ben plays a lot of games, watches a lot of YouTube, obsesses over the Blackhawks, and gives his weekend mornings to Arsenal.  He can be reached at bcirino@outlook.com.

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