What if the Packers Lost Aaron Rodgers to a Waiver Claim?


There are some things in life that you wish like hell would happen. Someone drops a million bucks on you for no reason? Check. Three gorgeous women decide to make your every wish come true, and your wife is fine with it? Check. World peace? Hey, I had to throw that one in there just so people wouldn’t think I’m selfish. Well, something recently happened that I’d like to add to that list—Aaron Rodgers being claimed on waivers by the Chicago Bears.

Now, first of all, I know it wouldn’t be the Bears because, even in the unlikely event that he was granted free agency, the team with the worst record would have first claiming rights. So even if the Cleveland Browns, who hate QBs, didn’t take him, another team likely would before the Bears got their shot.

Still, how delicious would it be to see the Green Bay Packers lose their star QB because they were caught flaunting the rules? Look, in a fair and balanced world, that is exactly what would happen because there is no mistaking that the Packers were guilty of breaking the rules when they placed Rodgers back on the IR for the same injury he was pulled off of IR for just a week earlier.

He was rusty, the Packers lost, so their season was effectively over and they decided to end Rodgers season, which was a sensible thing to do. I mean, why risk further injury when your team has no chance at the playoffs? Except those cheeseheads were either so stupid or so arrogant to think they could simply skirt the rules and have no consequences that they thumbed their collective noses at Roger Goodell and did what they wanted to do, rules be damned.

Meanwhile, what did the league do? They looked the other way, that’s what they did. So a group of NFL teams decided to call the NFL on their bluff and point out the obvious violation and now we are left wondering what the next move will be. Well, if there’s any justice in this world, the league will declare Rodgers a free agent, open to all NFL teams in order of incompetence.

And what better team than the Packers to get smacked upside the head by the NFL? I mean, who the heck do they think they are, not only impervious to the rules, but jumping from one Hall of Fame QB to the next as if it was a God given right in Wisconsin, while the Bears muddle through bad QB after bad QB, like stained old clothes in the bargain rack.

Ah, but I doubt that Goodell would have the footballs to pull off such a move. It’s his right; in fact, some would say his duty to punish the Packers for an offense to a rule that should be obvious to all teams. I’m sure this wasn’t an oversight; rather, it was done because the Packers felt the league wouldn’t do anything about it. And so far they are right, unfortunately.

It’s a long shot, but stranger things have happened. The NFL decides to make Rodgers a free agent, and the Browns trade his rights to the Bears. Man, there couldn’t be anything more of a slap in the face of Packers nation than for Aaron Rodgers to wear blue and orange and beat up on them twice a year. Now before you tell me how much you dislike Rodgers and want nothing to do with him, let me respond by saying you are full of crap. Once Rodgers donned the Bears uniform, he would be more welcome than a cold drink on a hot, deserted island my friends.

Almost instantly Chicago would become Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood. It’s amazing what can happen once the foul scent of green and gold is removed. I bet Aaron would clean up pretty damn nicely as a Bear.

Unfortunately, like unicorns, the Easter Bunny and Eskimos, this will never exist in our world. Nope. Something so satisfying and amazingly appropriate as the Packers getting what’s coming to them is just not in the cards I’m afraid. The league is too chicken to pull off such a move and will more than likely resort to a fine or something much more palatable to the puckering Packers than taking away their star quarterback.

Still, one can dream, can’t one?


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