TVR Rumored to be Available in Trade by Blackhawks


The Chicago Blackhawks will be playing just their fifth game of the young season, and the trade rumors are already swirling around the team. Trevor Van Reimsdyk played a bad opening game for the Hawks and since then he’s been invisible. Gustav Forsling and Michal Kempny have been getting all the playing time. So, naturally, that leads to speculation that TVR is in Coach Q’s doghouse and will be traded.

Blogs like this one started spitting out rumors about TVR on Wednesday, like Duncan Keith spits out teeth. The welcome wagon for the return of Brian Campbell isn’t quite so welcomgin since we have seen his play, so that complicates the idea of moving TVR, who isn’t a terrible #6 defenseman.

But with their Stanley Cup window closing fast, the Hawks are desperate and can’t afford to sit back and wait; Stan Bowman feels he must react. Everyone seemed to be convinced that TVR was going to be the replacement for Johnny Oduya, but so far he was been nothing more than window dressing…a spare part on a team that can’t afford spare parts. This on defense and goal scoring ability, when opportunity knocks the Hawks must answer and if that includes TVR, then so be it.

The Hawks want to get a forward, however TVR alone likely won’t net them the kind of player they desire. But with the Hawks salary cap position so tenuous, it appears that TVR would only be able to get a similarly paid player in return. This means they may need to send a bigger contract in the deal, but is a guy like TVR good enough to make a team want to take on a big salary?

Meanwhile, the fall form grace for TVR has been swift. He averaged more than 20 minutes per game last season, So if they decide to trade him, which teams might be interested?

Well, according to this site, the Edmonton Oilers could have interest, although I feel their addition of Adam Larsson might prevent this from being a priority. The Arizona Coyotes are also said to be a possible trade partner, as they want a right-handed defenseman. But I’ve heard they want a top D man, so TVR won’t fit that bill. The Flames and Devils are the two other teams that Dave Stevenson mentions, as TVR would provide the kind of depth they are looking for.

Personally, I feel it’s too early for the Hawks to be making moves, and with the salary cap making things more complicated, the likelihood of this deal going down soon is small, at least to my way of thinking.

So what does TVR think about the trade speculation? Mark Lazerus, the Sun-Times beat writer for the Hawks, published this quotes.

“You can’t worry yourself with stuff like that.” … You’ve got to come to work every day and that type of stuff, you don’t control, so you can’t really pay it much attention.”

Not matter what happens with TVR, it’s clear the Hawks will be looking for ways to improve their team, as they go to any length to try and capture another trophy. One wouldn’t think that the Hawks would be trading from their pool of defensemen, since they aren’t exactly overflowing with depth there, but if TVR is not in the plans, they may as well see what they can get for him. He is only 25 years old, so I’m sure there are teams that can foresee improvement down the line for the 6’2″ defenseman.

TVR had a rough training camp and preseason, plus the Hawks had Niklas Hjalmarsson returning from suspension after the opener and a 20 year-old Forsling. And, the Hawks cannot send TVR down to the AHL without clearing waivers. With his favorable salary, there is little doubt he would get claimed.

Last year, in 82 games, TVR had 14 points and did not play well at times. One way or the other, the Hawks don’t want to carry eight defensemen all season, so something has to give. And that something may very well be TVR.

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