Jay Cutler Is Done Being Your Whipping Boy

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This goes out to people like Martellus Bennett, Stephen A. Smith or the random guy with an egg for an avatar on Twitter. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is done being your whipping boy. Enough with the tired, dragged out and misguided argument about him being “the worst quarterback in the NFL.”

Cutler has certainly had his ups and downs in his career. He started off in Denver as a first-round pick with a high ceiling and a gunslinger mentality. His tenure ended badly with the Broncos and continued those ups and downs with the Chicago Bears.

Whether it’s the pile of interceptions against the Green Bay Packers, slight shove to left tackle J’Marcus Webb or what can be conceived as resting bitch face when walking down the street, Cutler has always rubbed a big amount of people the wrong way. Football is a game largely seen as rough and insensitive and yet people get so soft and sensitive when it comes to Cutler….like he’s their family member or something.

Cutler by no means is perfect or even a great quarterback but the long lasting critique has gotten to be one of the worst arguments in sports. He’s been coached by people who have proven to fail in the league, his offensive line has largely been a joke around him and at times his receivers were unrecognizable even to the most avid NFL follower.

How did Josh McDaniels or Marc Trestman do as head coach? Who the hell is going to be a top quarterback throwing to Marc Mariani, Josh Bellamy or Cameron Meredith? Are Aaron Kromer, Mike Tice and Mike Martz still calling plays today?


In 2011, Cutler was ridiculed around the NFL for coming out of the NFC Championship against the Packers. Head Coach Lovie Smith made the right move to pull Cutler but the quarterback still faced an unnecessary firestorm on social media led by players, fans and members of the media. We later found out Cutler had a Grade II MCL Sprain which in fact is a tear. How many games did running back Maurice Jones-Drew miss? Wasn’t he sitting on his sofa watching the playoffs like everyone else when he tweeted out shots at Cutler?

Last season, Cutler had a good year. His QBR (60.67) was the second highest in his career, his 92.3 QB rating was the best he’d ever had and he finished with an interception percentage of only 2.3. Even still, clowns like former teammate Martellus Bennett and ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith go out of their way to take shots at him.

Did Geno Smith retire? How about Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tannehill or Blaine Gabbert? How does Andrew Luck continue to keep getting a pass while Cutler gets destroyed? While we are on the topic of Luck, how can folks throw Cutler’s contract in his face but praise the Colts for dumping money on Luck? Have you seen how many turnovers and overall mismanagement of the football Luck (37 interceptions, 22 fumbles) has had over the last three years?

Here’s the cool thing about Cutler. Even after the comments from Bennett, Cutler continued to take the high road. He’s brushed off some weird comments from former teammate Brandon Marshall and seems to be at peace with who he is as a player. Why can’t other folks hop on board? This really has become one of the dumbest arguments in sports and it’s time to stop.

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