Will Shaw go the Way of Saad?


Another offseason, another salary cap crunch. How did Detroit keep all its great players for so long?

It pretty much seems like Andrew Ladd will be gone by the start of the new season. This makes me sad on a personal level, as having him on the team reminds me of the 2010 season and the first Cup for this bunch. The reality of it, however, is the trade didn’t really work out. Ladd didn’t light the Blackhawks on fire and we didn’t win the Cup.

While it hardly seems fair to judge a trade as a failure just because the Hawks didn’t win it all, that’s what you have to do if you’re the Chicago Blackhawks. That is why they made that trade. Lock up a veteran guy to win the Cup now. This worked last year, and has worked in previous years as well. It didn’t this time and that is too bad, because now Ladd’s second tenure with the Hawks will have been brief and a disappointment.

Who knows what will happen with Bryan Bickell. I am not even going to speculate. Will he end up in Sweden and off the cap somehow? This happened before for the Hawks and Bickell does have experience overseas. I doubt he would be happy with that at all, but if it saves the team millions of dollars a year why not … Or could it save money even now? I don’t know what the new Collective Bargaining Agreement allows.

Marcus Kruger is thankfully locked in this offseason.

This leaves Shaw.

He is a tough and gritty player who is probably hated by every team other than Chicago. He has been with the Blackhawks for some time now and has been a key piece to their championship formula. Shaw has put up good numbers in his time with the Hawks and had a great playoff this year. Andrew Shaw had four goals and two assists in only six games played. His playoff high for goals scored is only five! He was well on his way this year.

I don’t know if the Blackhawks can afford him. I don’t know if they can afford anybody. It just seems like the cap is getting less and less, but we aren’t getting any new players.

I am going to say that the Blackhawks should trade Shaw’s signing rights and get some defensive help. REAL defensive help that the coaches will play and who will actually contribute. The team just cannot win another Cup with three defensemen playing.

The team will lose a lot of grit, but Q does not seem to trust the young defensemen like he does the young wingers. It is time to tip our caps to Shaw and wish him well…unfortunately.

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