The Blackhawks Simply Cannot Lose at Home Again. Right?


When the Playoffs started my bracket, of course, had the Blackhawks repeating—against the Rangers—but my heart told me they would lose to Dallas in the second round. Nothing prepared me for this.

At home. Game Six Elimination… For the Hawks, in the First Round.

Right now the only thing that I have going for my frail sanity is the fact—FACT—that the Hawks simply cannot drop three games in a row at home, right?

I mean this is the Chicago Blackhawks we are talking about right?

I mean this is the playoffs. The NHL playoffs. This isn’t some one game wildcard or three game series. This is the playoffs. Home Ice means something. You protect it. You win.


The Chicago Blackhawks know how to win big games. Quenneville knows how to coach big games. I think we are as much of a lock as we can be to win Game Six.

I am anticipating a big game from Toews. He has yet to score a goal in these Playoffs and I don’t think he will go gentle into that good night. He is my pick to click in Game Six.

There’s no place like home.
There’s no place like home..
There’s no place like home…

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