Hawks vs. Blues: Tonight (Don’t Play Tarasenko) Tonight


What is there to say about a Game 7 elimination game in NHL Hockey?

I guess you could say that the odds are in the favor of whoever WAS up in the series, but never tell me the odds!

I would like to talk about my unwavering confidence in the Blackhawks after storming back into this series. The Hawks punched St. Louis right in the teeth Game 6. This definitive win has to have shaken St. Louis to the core. St. Louis came into this series with a new game plan and a big gun in Vladimir Tarasenko, but it hasn’t been enough… Or has it?

What is happening to the Blues coaching?

Tarasenko has sliced up the Blackhawks like deli meat when he has been on the ice, but that has been less and less. He had just under 17 minutes of ice time in Game 6 while Kane had around 21 minutes. He is by far their best player, but Ken Hitchcock is not playing him! I don’t know that we would be seeing a Game 7 if it wasn’t for this.

Is Hitchcock throwing the series? Does he still owe Coach Q from some kind of bet?

If there is beef between coach and star player on the Blues bench then even the ice time given will be of lesser quality. The player will be thinking too hard on his shifts and making mistakes. Then, with a lack of productivity, the coach will feel justified in benching him for longer periods. It is a vicious cycle.

I would like to talk about my unwavering confidence in the Blackhawks, but I cannot. Game 6 was the only dominate game this series for the Blackhawks and if Ken Hitchcock realizes he should be playing no. 91 more… I am not sure.

I am going to start crossing my fingers right now.

Reply to Reader:
St. Louis has hit us a lot, yes, but that is not all they have done. The Blues have been playing a skill game more this series. In the past they would hit and hit, in hopes to wear down the Blackhawks. This would open up Hawks for odd man rushes and scoring opportunities.

When I have watched the ebb and flow of these games, I have seen St. Louis bring the hits and the Blackhawks jump on the chances. Then St. Louis backs off and have controlled the Hawks more. This is why we haven’t heard Steve Ott’s name as often.

Anaheim last year almost beat the Blackhawks with skill and punishment, but they couldn’t sustain it for long enough. They broke down. One of the reasons I am not super confident in Game 7 is I don’t think they Hawks HAVE broken down St. Louis yet.

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