Blackhawks Need to Play Three Full Periods

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The Chicago Blackhawks actually did not “win” Game 5 in St. Louis on Thursday night. They survived. The Hawks did win the first two periods of play, but they disappeared in the third, and the first overtime, and really the second overtime, until Patrick Kane stuffed home the winner.

Some new guys stepped up in the Game 5 win and the ageless wonder Marian Hossa contributed with a beautiful goal. Corey Crawford, despite a soft goal, played very well and has all series. I wonder how many rings he will need to get before people stop viewing him as the Eli Manning of hockey?

Right now the Blackhawks remind me of the 2009 team. They played strong all year and almost overcame their inability to close out a game. Detroit stopped them short that year, and the Hawks retooled to win it all the following season.

This team simply cannot finish a game. Every game has been decided by one goal so far. Two-goal leads have been as rare as the 6th defenseman’s ice time. What is wrong with this team?

It is not Crow. I don’t feel I even need to justify this, so I won’t. He is a good goalie and has stood on his head at times.

Could it be the lack of defensive depth? Man do I, as a fan, miss Nick Leddy. (I now have a soft spot for the Islanders.)

Does the team lack chemistry? There are a lot of new faces this year.

I think this has everything to do with St. Louis. They have stopped hitting us.

In the past St. Louis played a punishing, beat ’em up style of hockey and hoped to wear down the Hawks. This would leave guys open and plays would be made. I think the Blackhawks expected that, but St. Louis has made the adjustment.

Yes, the Blues are still hitting hard and often, but it is not the same onslaught that it used to be.

Plus number 91 on St. Louis is so good. SO good.

No. No. Upon further consideration, I don’t think it is any of this.

It is the awful 8:30 pm start time.

That’s the real problem.

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