Reduce visual clutter in your home with these 5 organizational tips

Do you have a constant feeling that you’re not able to find things when you need them? Does your house look messy and unorganized even though you’re constantly trying to keep things organized?

If this is happening to you it means you need some decluttering organization ideas.

If you start an actual decluttering campaign in your home following these tips, things will start to stay more organizable and you’ll always know where important things are.

Decluttering and reorganizing are not about throwing things away. It’s about finding the right place for items and keeping them there when they’re not in use.

You don’t want to throw things away to make your house less cluttered. Instead of discarding items, you can create amazing organizational spaces.

Let us talk about some ideas and tips that will help you organize your house and reduce the visual clutter bringing back the beauty of your home.

One of the most common examples of successful decluttering is by using a mirror cabinet in the bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors – The Queen of Decluttering

How many times have you found yourself late or rushing out the door because you’ve spent so much time looking for something in the bathroom? You’re not alone.

With a mirror cabinet, you need not worry about where your important bathroom items are. They help you realize what you can safely get rid of and let you know where important items are right away.

The bathroom is one of the areas of your life where organizing could be a struggle. An easy and convenient way to better organize your bathroom is by installing a mirror and medicine cabinet combination.

A medicine cabinet can easily store important bathroom items like toothbrushes, medicine, dental floss, thermometers, soap, razors, tweezers, and nail clippers.

Plus, everything is conveniently stored behind your mirror, safely out of view, and without the risk of always getting misplaced.

A medicine cabinet will make your life 10 times easier, and their solid and sturdy look makes them look great in any washroom.  A combination of mirror and medicine cabinet provides you with an amazing storage solution that everyone in your family will love.

Buy a New Wardrobe

No space to keep an extra set of beddings and clothes? A new wardrobe will help you properly keep these and save a lot of space in your room.

A wardrobe with upper cabinets to store bedding is one of the best solutions to decluttering your bedrooms. With a wardrobe, you can easily arrange your clothes into organizer baskets which make more very easy to access.

Using a wardrobe to organize your bedroom will make it look much more spacious and elegant too. You’ll also have so much more space in your room to add other pieces of furniture.

Get a Storage Bed

Instead of storing dirty socks and dust under your bed, just buy a storage bed! Storage beds are perfect for children’s rooms and they’re amazing at giving your so much extra space to work with.

You can simply replace your child’s current bed with a new one that has storage already built-in. With a storage bed, you can store toys, clothes, artwork and so much more. All these items that are usually in the closet or dressers, or on the floor, can now be easily tucked away and out of view – decluttered!

Here are some container bin ideas to help declutter your home without spending too much money and energy.

Storage bins are great when it comes to taking advantage of extra space. You can also use them for extra beddings for when guests come over. Storage beds are great for spare rooms.

Purchase Knife Holders

Not only do knives cause a lot of clutter, but if they’re not stored properly, they can be dangerous. Have you ever cut your finger while rummaging for a knife in the drawer?

A decent knife-holding set not only keeps you and your family safe from accidental cuts but really helps with a decluttering campaign.

There are hundreds of types of knives-blocks available in the market. They range in cost from anywhere between $30.00 to $200.00 for a high-quality one.

There’s the wooden knife stand, magnetic knife strip, and multiple tiered knife blocks which are one of the commonly used knife holders.

Knife holders not only save your fingers, but they also keep blades intact and sharp and save a tone of space in your kitchen drawers.

Hang up Pots and Pans

If you have a free wall or extra space in your kitchen and you want to give your kitchen a classy look, you can arrange your pots and pans with pot hangers.

Pot hangers help you more easily access them when you’re cooking instead of putting them in drawers which makes it quite hard to take them out when you want them.

With pot hangers, you can arrange them according to size, and according to the tasks they’re used for. There is a wide range of designs and styles available from hundreds of websites.

Some of the styles include half-circle wall-mounted pot racks, 2-light hanging pot racks, octagonal hanging cookware racks, straight bar pot racks, wall-mounted or bookshelf pot racks, and many more.

Hanging your pots and pans on a rack will also give your kitchen a unique style and keep your life decluttered for years to come.

Use Mini Bins

Mini bins are a great storage option when it comes to storing toys or other regularly used belongings. Mini bins are multipurpose. You can store toys, documents, jewelry, clothes, and items that are commonly scattered across your room.

Mini bins come in many different types of materials and sizes. Some are basket type; some are stackable, while some bins have wheels which make it easier to move around.

You can install use mini bins almost everywhere. They can be installed in your wardrobe to store clothes, in closets, under beds, in the garage, or basement.

With storage bins, you can safely store your jewelry, you can store stationery items, toys and give yourself more room by being able to put away things that are taking up too much space in your home.

The Take Home

Decluttering is easy. The list above only covered some of the quick and simple ways to declutter and better organize your home but if you follow some of these tips, you will find your home is more spacious and you’re much more relaxed than you used to be.

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