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Zen Living Attends DIFFA in Chicago

It never fails to amaze me… where ever I go there is water. And fish. Am I drawn to it… or is in drawn to me by some collective energy that always seems to place me at the right place at the right time. I was honored to be invited to attend the DIFFA’s Dining... Read more »

Zen Living Plays in the DIRTT

One of my recent blogs “Finding Zen Design in Chicago” received such a positive response I thought it would be the perfect time to share with all of you a brilliant company that is here in Chicago that truly encompasses the soul of Zen Living. Meet DIRTT. It is great to share my ideas as... Read more »

Reclaim and Restore - Walk in the Forest

I took the same walk this morning – under different trees and different skies, and yet, I walked. – M   It takes time in a forest to understand how the trees speak. It takes time to listen and understand the Zen of nature and how it communicates to one another. Autumn is the time... Read more »

Finding Zen Design in Chicago

The city of Chicago is unfolding Zen Living to me each and every day. Throughout my travels it is a thread that not only connects the similarity of Zen Living designs with other like minded people, but it is a channel for the energies that make us all one. As a designer, I have discovered... Read more »

The Intuitive Home

Immersed in the world’s view of materialism, we find it difficult to adapt to our ever changing world while staying grounded in a simpler, Zen natural way of living. We find that the demands of the constant daily changes, pull us away from living the simple life that our soul cries out for. We need... Read more »

Butterflies are free

What an experience life can be. In every waking moment, and even in our sleep… we are always thinking and worrying about days, events and people in our lives. We fill our heads with worry, contemplating the what if’s and what to do’s…. all while wasting time in the present moment. I find myself lately,... Read more »

Water - The Wisdom of Zen Healing

Water is life. There is no other substance on this earth such as water. It is contained with an energy that transforms itself quickly and can be discovered in liquid, solid and even gas forms. It is the key to our healing. We come from water and are drawn to it by it’s mysterious nature.... Read more »

See the Sacred Stones Within Zen Living

  The Japanese Garden with all of it’s senses has been an instrument in reaching the sacred for many centuries. The Masters of Japanese Garden Design have passed on their knowledge for many generations in Japan and have influenced gardeners throughout the world. The art of the Japanese garden is to re-create the natural landscape.... Read more »

Zen and The Praying Mantis

Nature works in mysterious ways. Very mysterious ways. I had been working in my fern garden last week, determined to find a way to get water to an area that has struggled with the drought that we have all experienced this summer. The ferns had died down, the hostas were weak and I actually felt... Read more »

In Chaos, Seek Zen

With the events throughout the world, and most recently in Colorado this past week… the tragedies seem to be building stronger and our hearts have become a bit heavier. As the world of television and radio seems to feed off these events, there comes a moment, when the only resolution for one’s own spirit is... Read more »