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Chinese New Year of the Black Snake

Gong Hei Fat Choi – Happy Chinese New Year of the Black Snake A new year begins today with the celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Black Snake. It is a year that is destined to be remembered for stories written in time that will be told generations from now. The year of... Read more »

Inspired by Moss

Japanese Moss Gardens, with their vibrant green landscape create an ethereal, mystical atmosphere beyond any other garden design in existence. For centuries, moss has been an element of Japanese garden design, and working with the Masters that created Portland Japanese Garden, I witnessed first hand the knowledge and respect that has earned moss to be... Read more »

The Way of Tea

This morning I walked to my Buddha Tea House on the Fox River. Chado, the Way of Tea is an art that has been cultivated and preserved for centuries… yet for me awakening from a dream (where I lost one shoe in Japan) was quite enlightening and a walk on new snow to the Tea... Read more »

The Power of Words

The power of words. Words, inspired from the subconscious and executed through written or verbal expression has the strength to change someone’s life forever. The essence of words as a work of art, whether the vehicle is poetry, or press… research or a simple journal, has a power that is imprinted forever on the soul.... Read more »

Praying is to Ask, Meditate to Listen

Meditation or prayer? Quite often I am asked at the understanding of how I have found peace with being raised a practicing Catholic and choosing to follow what was instinctively clear in Zen Buddhism. There is a distinct difference and although since I was a young teenager I took the path of Zen, t he... Read more »