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Design with beauty and build with truth

The aesthetics of imperfection within a Japanese healing garden simply means that nothing is perfect, especially in nature. It is in identifying that which is imperfect, where the perfect characteristic is found. In a moss covered lantern, by the edge of a pond where stones rest as if nature gently tossed them along the water’s... Read more »

The Soul Heals With Japanese Gardens

Japanese healing gardens are created to remember and remind us of the fragility of life and the beauty that awakens each and very moment, giving attention to that which is right before us, in our now. In the blog series on Japanese Healing Gardens, I will take you on the path towards understanding the healing... Read more »

In the Now the Gifts are Given

  Treasure the moments that you captured, whether with your camera or in your heart… it is in those glimpses  that you will remember this holiday season and have the appreciation of love and beauty that surrounds you. It is wonderful to receive gifts… and yet it is not in the unwrapping of a package... Read more »

Find time to set your soul free

What does it feel like to set your soul free? What limitations does time play with this role in releasing that part of you that is the essence of your entire being? These questions have been something that I have carried with me for my entire life, and only recently have I discovered that the... Read more »

With Thanks and in Giving

I am so grateful. Every night I say my Prayer of Gratitude and surrender these transforming words to the universe for every single blessing in my life. The gratitude that my heart is beating, the air that I breathe, the honor of my children and the love and compassion that runs through me each and... Read more »

Morning Mantra

First light. It is the most amazing time of the day, when the sun begins to rise in the sky and you can catch a glimpse of the new day awakening before you. I never appreciated morning light as much as I have over this last year. As a photographer I am intrigued with light... Read more »

Holly Greenhow, 7 year old Cerebral Palsy Child Lands UK Modeling Contract

I feel a change. Waking up this morning, preparing to post my blog on autumn and the changes we all go through as a season… there was a change for me. I see hope, I see an empowering light in the smile of seven year old, Holly Greenhow who has been awarded a modeling contract... Read more »

An Ethereal Mystery of Lisa Marie Presley Unveiled

Lisa Marie Presley. American Music Royalty was in the house. At last night’s concert at Arcada in St. Charles, the ethereal vibrations of this extraordinary voice left the audience mystified. Pure and raw.  Beyond the reality of who’s daughter she is, people of all ages came, to honor the little girl that they watched grow... Read more »

Autistic Child Connects with Koi

  Autism. Kids. Koi. Healing. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that those four words would be linked together to share a story and make a difference in the life of one little seven year old girl named Rayne.  And of course one Mother named Alexandria and one Koi Keeper called M. Yet... Read more »

Trump Spa, New York - A Zen Experience

Ok. I admit it.  I am absolutely in love with  Zen inspired  showers. Yes, another photo shoot of me in a zen design and this time it’s Trump Spa at Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York. Showers… They seem to follow me. Or I attract them.  I know that sounds strange, but it... Read more »
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    MaryEllen Malinowski

    Zen Living by design is a division of Infrared Light International, a lifestyle design company that enlightens, educates and empowers clients to connect with living an extraordinary life based on the simple elements of nature, water, light and tranquility. Founded by MaryEllen Malinowski in 1994, The Infrared Light Gallery®’s success is based on eastern art, lifestyle, designs, travel and international design concepts that make people’s homes, business and personal well being reflect a simplified Zen Living. "M" is an international award winning Infrared photographer, published author, Japanese garden designer and Executive Director of The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary. Her mission is to enlighten Chicago and the world to experience Zen Living by their own design. Zen Living by design Magazine coming Spring 2014

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