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In the Now the Gifts are Given

  Treasure the moments that you captured, whether with your camera or in your heart… it is in those glimpses  that you will remember this holiday season and have the appreciation of love and beauty that surrounds you. It is wonderful to receive gifts… and yet it is not in the unwrapping of a package... Read more »

Find time to set your soul free

What does it feel like to set your soul free? What limitations does time play with this role in releasing that part of you that is the essence of your entire being? These questions have been something that I have carried with me for my entire life, and only recently have I discovered that the... Read more »

With Thanks and in Giving

I am so grateful. Every night I say my Prayer of Gratitude and surrender these transforming words to the universe for every single blessing in my life. The gratitude that my heart is beating, the air that I breathe, the honor of my children and the love and compassion that runs through me each and... Read more »

Morning Mantra

First light. It is the most amazing time of the day, when the sun begins to rise in the sky and you can catch a glimpse of the new day awakening before you. I never appreciated morning light as much as I have over this last year. As a photographer I am intrigued with light... Read more »

Holly Greenhow, 7 year old Cerebral Palsy Child Lands UK Modeling Contract

I feel a change. Waking up this morning, preparing to post my blog on autumn and the changes we all go through as a season… there was a change for me. I see hope, I see an empowering light in the smile of seven year old, Holly Greenhow who has been awarded a modeling contract... Read more »

Autistic Child Connects with Koi

  Autism. Kids. Koi. Healing. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that those four words would be linked together to share a story and make a difference in the life of one little seven year old girl named Rayne.  And of course one Mother named Alexandria and one Koi Keeper called M. Yet... Read more »

The Rare and the Beautiful Have Wings

  Zen Living is a simple, selective lifestyle. In an appreciation for the rare and the beautiful there are moments when you see something that  is captivating to all of your senses. Your eyes are drawn to it and you feel blessed to be in it’s presence. How lucky am I to see this? Feel... Read more »

Koinobori Kids for Koi Day!

 Today is Kodomo no Hi or “Children’s Day” that is  celebrated in Japan. A Japanese Festival in Honor of the Birth of Children, families fly Koinobori windsocks in the shape of a Koi at their house and throughout Japan. In Japanese folklore, the carp is a symbol of determination and strength, overcoming all obstacles to swim... Read more »

Keeper of the Koi

We never really own anything. Do we? We think we do, but in a way we are just enjoying, borrowing or caring until we pass it on. We find pleasure in the hunt, enjoy the possession of material items, without truly realizing that it’s never  truly ours, forever. With my work with the Koi, I... Read more »