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Kate Hudson reveals her mantra for Pretty Happy

Accepting who we are. It is so simple. As Kate Hudson, the actress, producer, mother and the famous daughter of Goldie Hawn revealed last night, “by being kind to your own self then you don’t put pressure on yourself.” With a genuine spirit, confident walk and an adorable outfit, Kate Hudson walked onto the stage... Read more »

Keeper of the Koi

We never really own anything. Do we? We think we do, but in a way we are just enjoying, borrowing or caring until we pass it on. We find pleasure in the hunt, enjoy the possession of material items, without truly realizing that it’s never  truly ours, forever. With my work with the Koi, I... Read more »

The Horizontal Shower - The Spiritual Power of Zen

The Horizontal Shower. The Horizontal Shower. The Horizontal Shower. My mantra for many years and now I have lived to see the day arrive when my deepest design dreams have become a reality. The intuitive home, the connection to water as a spiritual power exists in the energy of a company from Iserlohm, Germany, where... Read more »