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Where the Light Lives

As I find myself far away from home during this holiday season, it is in the awareness of the light that I find is the greatest gift of all. As my family and friends continue their individual traditions, whether it be a midnight mass at a Catholic Church, or lighting another candle on the Menora…... Read more »

Buddha Living in The Netherlands

I find a deep sense of sacredness when I return to The Netherlands. As this is my second journey this year, it is in a deep sense of mystery and curiousity that I find never ending Buddha Living here. Is it the people or is it the symbolism itself that in such a small country,... Read more »

Here and Now. A Sunrise in Ireland

It took a brilliant sunrise. It was a new light – one that I have never seen with such rich, deep colors. It was a new sunrise for me, and to be witness to this sunrise at it’s own level of light… from 37,000 feet high on an Aer Lingus wing… I felt the morning... Read more »

Light Within A Japanese Garden Lives Through All Seasons

The snow is falling and winter has placed it’s gentle hands upon the Midwest.  As inspiring as it is… with new snow glistening on our landscape,  I quietly work on new Japanese Garden designs for 2015… and  wonder where did our brilliant autumn go? I’m still working on editing photos and publications from the North... Read more »

Koi & Japanese Gardens Flourish into an International Design Center

  The realm of mind and spirit is the undiscovered land. – M Malinowski In healing, one sees it’s own soul.  Even when healing others a metamorphosis occurs within yourself. The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary & Japanese Gardens has developments underway to continue to enlighten Koi Keepers throughout the world while embracing the Japanese Garden design... Read more »

Osaka in Chicago: NAJGA Members Reveal the Light

The light has been revealed once more and in a depth of knowledge that is brought to the surface by the North American Japanese Garden Association and it’s distinguished members, partners and affiliations to honor and to educate. Internationally renown Japanese Gardens live here in Chicago, and they bowed in honor to serve the NAJGA... Read more »

The Phoenix Rises - Japanese Garden Designers Come to Chicago

The North American Japanese Garden Association is coming to Chicago with it’s members from across the United States and Canada to gather to continue their education, experience and passion for the love of Japanese gardens from over 50 renown Guest Speakers. The 2014 NAJGA Conference “New  Pathways, The Role of The Japanese Garden for Society... Read more »

The Mystical Light of Autumn

It happened today. It arrived, the mystical light of Autumn. I have been watching the light change for weeks now and it has awakened me. Each and every day I followed the summer light and  the energy within each particle and as it was drawn to particular elements of nature.  The light this year has... Read more »

Living Water, Healing Home

    Intuitive ponds have a connection to nature through water, stone, light and the landscape elements of Japanese placement. Within itself Japanese water gardens have the power to transform. Designing with transitional space in mind, the indoor home space and the outdoor environment become seamless. Peace and tranquility is experienced from within the home just... Read more »

The Infrared Light of the Harvest Moon

Tonight is the night… the arrival of the Harvest Moon. It’s meaning and significance has been shared for centuries, and tonight we can bear witness to it’s magical light. As this full moon is seen nearest to the time of the autumn equinox it is also rare tonight as being a Supermoon. A full moon... Read more »