The Edge of Zen Living


Blue water. Warm air. Seamless design. Taking the concept of Zen Living to it's natural extreme. Taking it to the edge. On a recent trip to Naples, Florida, I found a lifestyle that carries extraordinary energy in honoring the simple pleasure in water. Water is transformed into the vessel or body that contains it, and I found that very symbolic in Naples, as the fluidity of water is the essence of the spirit of the people there.

Contemporary interpretations of nature. As if designed from a free spirit whose hand waves in one direction and a form is made... and then raises the other to connect the invisible line of  an unrecognizable force. A sea siren. The force of water than can destroy is reborn in a design that is pure brilliance.  Throughout time, artists have been inspired by the mystery of water. It is the life giving source that is the Tao of our existence.

Water heals. It is in this understanding that I develop all of my work and designs from. The empowering affect that water has in healing goes back for thousands of years and as much as we all know this and feel it, it is not until we are pushed to the edge where the transformation occurs. We drink it, swim in it, experience the raw and the dirty aspects of water... and as it carries our ships home from the sea ... it is not until we swim to the edge, where we see the horizon and experience the pulling forces that at last,  I trust.

Love & Light...  M

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Photography copyright 2015 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l

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Pool Designer: Christian Andrea, Architectural Land Design, Inc.


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