Where the Light Lives


As I find myself far away from home during this holiday season, it is in the awareness of the light that I find is the greatest gift of all. As my family and friends continue their individual traditions, whether it be a midnight mass at a Catholic Church, or lighting another candle on the Menora... I find that honoring the sacred light that surrounds us is the purest of all.

It is not in the wrapped packages, or the trimmed tree...  it is the sun on newly fallen snow, a wave on a sea that carries what will become a treasured shell,  a bridge that crosses you to safety onto newly discovered land. It is the light that when it reveals itself to you... you are captivated. You are absorbed into that light and somehow become a part of it. Nothing or no one can connect to that light but you. We each see it differently. Veils of light that blow in the wind, shimmers on grains of sand... this is where the light lives. When you look into the eyes of someone you love and see that rare but recognizable light...  the one that  you waited lifetimes for  - it's destiny to see the depth of your own soul in their eyes once more. This is the unseen light that I see.

I finally, after all these years understand myself a bit better. Always struggling with the material and the spiritual, it is in the spirit that I see the truth. It is difficult for  many to find that balance... and all I can say is that it just takes a moment of silence in this light  to experience what is the most profound essence of peace you could ever imagine.

In photographing the Windmills at Kinderdijk in The Netherlands, the light revealed a brilliance once more that brings me to tears. Walking along the path, my heart was beating fast as ever direction I turned was another windmill. Giants soaring into the sky, yet gentle in their approach in honoring their sky. Then in a blink of an eye... the  skies opened and the light  became a sacred journey so brilliant that the universe opened its arms embracing all of us in its presence.

My adventurous journey in The Netherlands was to embrace this luminous light. The time had come for me to experience what great artists such as Vincent van Gogh  have come here to see and feel. I was on a photo shoot, documenting the landscape in infrared when I found the sweetest pony, ever. In my  usual embrace of what I find are intriguing creatures, I saw a light appear in the horizon that was as if the pony itself called to the skies from it's own energy source. I know now, more than ever, that this sacred universal light will reveal itself to you when you give this gift to yourself.


Today, I wish for you... that your eyes and your heart sees the same light that I see. A light that warms your heart and reassures you that there is a greater force at work in our universe... above and beyond the packages, ribbons and bows. A light that warms the broken hearted, a light that heals a sick child and a light that reassures you in your darkest moment that it lives within you.

I found where the light lives.

Love & Light... M



Photography copyright 2014 -   MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l  zenlivingbydesign.com

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