Here and Now. A Sunrise in Ireland


It took a brilliant sunrise. It was a new light - one that I have never seen with such rich, deep colors. It was a new sunrise for me, and to be witness to this sunrise at it's own level of light... from 37,000 feet high on an Aer Lingus wing... I felt the morning light in Ireland.  These fleeting moments that come in and change so quickly are so special. It is that simple. It could be fresh snow falling, an orchid bud opening up or a new sunrise in a new light... that is perceived in a light that we never imagined. It took Ireland's sunrise to have me look at even my own way of sharing these rare gifts, as if a sign was given to embrace was is placed gently in front of us.

Arriving this morning in Dublin, if even only for a few hours before boarding another plane to go on to my destination of The Netherlands centers me once more. For the first time I saw the sea and the islands and felt the love of a culture that's roots run deep in Celtic and spiritual reflections. I thought of my great great grandmother, Julia O'Keefe and wondered if she ever saw the same brilliance in a sunrise here, and how very blessed I am today to be sitting her and blogging from this compassionate country.

I am only here right now, yet my here and now will carry me throughout my life for the moments I spent here in the airport... looking out from the glass that separates me from the soil and the air. A girl encompassed within yet I can still feel it's soul.

I will say goodbye for now... but the people and the energy that live here reminds me once more of who I am and with a purpose more than ever to live the life I chose to live.  As the House of Ireland graciously helped select a knit sweater, hat and gloves that were hand made in Dublin... I read a quote on the wall from Michaelangelo that  says "Ancora Imparo - I am still learning".

Yes I am Ireland, Yes I am.

Love & Light... M


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