Buddha Living in The Netherlands

I find a deep sense of sacredness when I return to The Netherlands. As this is my second journey this year, it is in a deep sense of mystery and curiousity that I find never ending Buddha Living here. Is it the people or is it the symbolism itself that in such a small country, the Buddha has been accepted in every representation, from India, China and Japan. A country known for it's innovative design, what I feel here is a community that accepts unconditionally, people of all cultures and backgrounds and the Buddha itself  represents that diversity in both interior and garden design.  Every home I have been welcomed to walk in, every garden, every business... has a Buddha statue integrated into the design of their place of being. A design hub of the world, designers work consistently to convey new interpretations of the sacred figure in a new contemporary way. A symbol offine art that calms and brings serenity to the environment he is placed in. The most devout Catholics i visited, where I brought a rosary as a gift to, even talked to me about the Buddha. Design centers are now filled with Christmas trees, decorations, moss and Buddhas all together for the common good of honoring and enlightening this precious time of year.


Working with interior designers in Holland is a breathe of fresh air. it energizes my soul  with overflowing design concepts, perspectives and alternative ways of interpreting the sacred Siddhārtha Gautama. A sage, not a God, born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Buddha was a spiritual leader and teacher whose life serves as the foundation of the Buddhist religion. Buddha, which means awakened or enlightened one is the spiritual icon for not only Buddhists such as myself, but for people of all denominations.


A designer's showcase interior design gallery called....... in the heart of Zevenar in The Netherlands, you will find .....  I was in awe at home the designers here integrated the Buddha within their tradional dining room setting. Contemporary in texture and color, yet traditional in form ( the lamp shades ) the exaggerated floral arrangements combined with the textural Buddha art piece, brings the Buddha into a new light of design all of his own. The Buddha is not placed ( although he should always be sitting elevated, not on the floor) on a holy granite or marble shrine, he is the inspiration for designers and homeowners to bring the Buddha into their every day Zen Living.


Stone sculptures of Buddhas are being created and integrated into the interior design of many homes, as this designer showcase carries Buddha artwork of all mediums in her showcase retail gallery called Sfeerhuis in the city of Zevenaar.


One of my favorites on my trip is seeing this Buddha art piece that hangs beautifully in the Fair Trade Store called Wereldwinkel  also in the city of Zevenaar. Hand crafted... the Buddha once more inspires and enlightens the home and business with a contemporary head angle and materials of silver and metal. This illuminating, new  interpretation of the Buddha is one that I hold close to my heart for it carries and energy of hope for the future... with its contemporary choice of design elements and sculpture.

As I continue my work and studies here for Zen Living by design, I have to give thanks to the people of The Netherlands for opening up their homes, businesses and hearts to me, for without their love and compassion... Buddha would not call this home. We are all Buddha's and are all working towards our individual enlightenment and here in Holland, I see that so very clearly.

Iedereen heel erg bedankt voor deze geweldige ervaring.

Love & Light... M

Photography copyright 2014 -   MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l  zenlivingbydesign.com

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