I was gone but never far away

Shirohone Spa Hot Springs, Matsumoto, Japan

I'm back my friends!! Yes I am sure you were all wondering where I went and why I have not been on my Zen Living blog here on ChicagoNow. I wish I could say I was at the Shiroshone Spa Hot Springs in Matsumoto, Japan... but I was not. God that sounds good. I wish. It all started when I had computer issues with a very old apple desktop. Good excuse, so I bought a super fast new apple MacBook pro. I still didn't blog. I had work and designs and  sales and Koi rescues and one excuse after another.

No more.

I found the time to photograph and the time to post on facebook. What was happening to me that what was once so important to me with my writing and sharing the Zen Living lifestyle had taken a back seat. Geez not even a back seat it was completely put up on a shelf and I was not going to let that door close.

It has been brilliant for me in the time I have been away from all of you, and for that time, I thank you. I have visited new places,  bought a cool retro bike, took risks that I never imagined I could take a year ago, met some amazing new artists and created designs and installations that I had only dreamed of working on. The completion of a promise I made a year ago for the family of Rolana Tankus Fox, in designing and installing a healing Koi pond memorial and gardens, meeting the  talented musician Erik Donner,  visiting spas and walking out on the Ledge at Chicago's Willis Tower.... while being the difference for hundreds of children through the love of Kids for Koi. Working in my Japanese gardens, seeing the long awaited greenhouse be raised once more and laughing and loving with all that is a part of me.  I missed sharing the light I see and realized it needs to be expressed beyond just my camera.

So today, I begin once more. Bringing Zen Living to all of you.

Love & Light... M


Photos copyright 2014  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l  zenlivingbydesign.com  M@infraredlight.com

Zen Living by design Magazine | Spring 2014


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    Zen Living by design is a division of Infrared Light International, a lifestyle design company that enlightens, educates and empowers clients to connect with living an extraordinary life based on the simple elements of nature, water, light and tranquility. Founded by MaryEllen Malinowski in 1994, The Infrared Light Gallery®’s success is based on eastern art, lifestyle, designs, travel and international design concepts that make people’s homes, business and personal well being reflect a simplified Zen Living. "M" is an international award winning Infrared photographer, published author, Japanese garden designer and Executive Director of The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary. Her mission is to enlighten Chicago and the world to experience Zen Living by their own design. Zen Living by design Magazine coming Spring 2014 M@infraredlight.com www.infraredlight.com www.koiwhispersanctuary.com www.zenlivingbydesign.com

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