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Nature is an integral part of healing. In exploring the international spas and healing treatments that are offered from cultures through out the world, I have found Zen Living to cross boundaries with a thread that connects the essence of restoring our well being. It is a way of life. After my experience in the Russian Bath House in New York City, and the amazing difference it made for me, I began this pursuit of immersing myself in the treatments, philosophies and wisdom that was passed on for centuries.


Red Square Spa. located on Division Street in the Wicker Park area in Chicago is a spa, restaurant and lounge. An authentic Russian Bath House where I once again was determined to detox through hot, sweat therapy as a medicinal cleansing for the body, mind and spirit. Once again, I left all barriers or inhibitions outside the door. Here, a collective culture shares a way of life that is extraordinarily simple yet contains elements of healing that have been passed on for many generations. On a bitter cold Chicago day, people arrived to escape the cold and give their body a well needed metamorphosis.

Red Square Spa offers a coed Russian Banya, a Hot Room which is heated to extreme temperatures by boulders, and then hot water is thrown onto the rocks to intensify the experience thus creating steam in the room. I was prepared this time, as laying on the hot cedar benches the intensity deepened depending on what level I sat or laid down on. In the moments  when the ice and cold water was poured over my head and body, I was confident this time to stay as long as I could, knowing the benefits to my body would outlast the discomfort. The Banya at the Red Square Spa is coed and although ice and cold water were poured over me, I was uninhibited as to who was watching. It was raw and natural. I felt renewed.  I returned to the woman's spa area where I continued with a cold rain shower and plunge again in the hot pool waters.


These treatments and ceremonies are designed to restore one's body and soul. I was so relaxed and I could feel a connection to my entire being. I was summoned by a woman who came to remind me that it is time for my Reiki foot treatment and pedicure. Walking around Red Square everyone is comfortable just as they are. Men are gathered at the bar area, conversations in Russian are being spoken, people passing by say hello and everyone feels like they are at home. With my white robe and tousled wet hair, I relaxed in the chair as she began to care for my feet. I was in awe of her stories and discovery that she was actually the owner of Red Square Spa. The holistic spa treatments that they offer here including sea salt body buffs, sea wraps and warm stone massage, the signature spa treatments offered for both men and woman offer the ultimate spa experience.

Where can you go to a spa, renew your body and spirit and have the opportunity to sit and dine while still in your white robe? Feeling refreshed and comfortable, people gather to enjoy lunch and celebrate the Russian culture that continues at Red Square Spa. The quality of care and service here is impeccable and I look forward to returning very soon, as the sea mud treatment is calling me.

Love and Light...


Photos courtesy of Red Square Spa.  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l   Zen Living by design Magazine | Spring 2014


RED SQUARE SPA 1914 W. Division, Chicago, Il 60622


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