Design with beauty and build with truth

The aesthetics of imperfection within a Japanese healing garden simply means that nothing is perfect, especially in nature. It is in identifying that which is imperfect, where the perfect characteristic is found. In a moss covered lantern, by the edge of a pond where stones rest as if nature gently tossed them along the water's edge. Design with beauty and build with truth is the essence of a Japanese garden.  This approach to garden design, especially Healing and Memorial Gardens respects the imperfection of nature. Leaves fall, moss grows on stones and water takes on a path of its very own.


We honor this. As a Japanese garden designer, it is a responsibility to respect nature and create plans and designs that embody the aesthetics of this imperfection that we so admire.Working with Shakei, also called borrowed one of the first elements of interest that reflects the imperfection of nature. True nature is asymmetrical, not symmetrical. It is imperfect. It is a crooked branch, it is in a hidden path, it is our life and a moment that can only be experienced because we connect within a Japanese garden. We can identify with this perfect imperfection.

With this understanding of imperfection we begin to see the unity within all of nature and the connection we have with it.  Japanese Healing Gardens are designed to create new memories, as well as bring back fond memories from the past. The garden touches all senses, and with those recovering from a loss, or honoring someone they love, they can simply sit and enjoy the Koi swimming in the water and the surrounding gardens. It is their now. Life continues forward in every Koi that swims across the water and every bud that blooms. A healing garden has not only a profound affect on individuals healing, but inspires and enlighten those searching for a connection to that which exists far beyond the ordinary. It is an extraordinary experience and a privilege to be amongst those that have traveled to this place of discovery within a healing garden.  It is a personal sanctuary and one that tells a unique story with each and every pebble that is placed.

Love and Light...


Photo copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l   Zen Living by design Magazine | Spring 2014


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