In the Now the Gifts are Given

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Treasure the moments that you captured, whether with your camera or in your heart... it is in those glimpses  that you will remember this holiday season and have the appreciation of love and beauty that surrounds you. It is wonderful to receive gifts... and yet it is not in the unwrapping of a package or opening of an envelope that holds the true gift. It is in the Now, in that one captivating expression that is forever engraved into your soul.

Holiday gifts were exchanged, cards were open, cookies made, portraits taken, snow fell and music was played. Nothing compares to that one miraculous moment that is expressed unconditionally and you realize that it is truly all about was is right here in the now. This is when the blessing is revealed and the true gift of the season is given.

As we prepare once again for the arrival of our new year, and the stores become over crowded with people shopping for clearance items and stocking up on food for their party plans... take a deep breathe and reflect upon your now. Was it a newborn baby that arrived just in time to represent the light of our days, or a smile on the face of a child that realized her Christmas card could sing and light up? This is your now. This is what truly embraces our holiday season and is the magic of Zen Living. It is in these rare glimpses that we see or even hear that show us how very blessed we are.

I am honored to share Zen Living with of all of you and want to thank you for your continuous support,  love and light. This is the gift you give to me and I am in awe.

Love and Light...


copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l   Zen Living by design Magazine in Spring 2014




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